Nomadic Peoples

This page shows volumes of Nomadic Peoples published by The White Horse Press (from Volume 18, 2014). Contents of all volumes from 1997–present are available on LUP. The Commission on Nomadic Peoples of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) in collaboration with the Ford Foundation has digitised, preserved and extended access to the issues of the journal of Nomadic Peoples from its inception in 1979 up to 1996. For direct access to these back issues visit the Commission on Nomadic Peoples journal page.

NP Vol.25 (1), 2021

Editorial Saverio Krätli


Scale, Landscape and Indigenous Bedouin Land Use: Spatial Order and Agriculturalsedentarisation in the Negev Highland Ariel Meraiot, Avinoam Meir, Steve Rosen

The Ghosts at the Feast: Contested Land, Settlement, and Identity in the Jordanian B Dīya Frederick Wojnarowski

Pastoralists and the State … and ‘Islamic State’ on Eastern Niger’s Frontier: Between Evasion and Engagement Florian Köhler

Economic Diversification Among Mongolian Reindeer Herders: Continuity and Change in the Tannu Uriankhai Girdle Nicolas Rasiulis

SPECIAL SECTION: David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet: Reflections on Pastoralism, Development and Climate Change.

Introduction Saverio Krätli
Animal Production for a More Sustainable Economy Günther Schlee
Mobile Herders and Sustaining Life on Our Planet Dawn Chatty
No Walking Away from Our Responsibilities Camilla Toulmin
Beyond the ‘Balance of Nature’: Pastoralists’ Alternative Perspectives on Sustainability Ian Scoones
The Limits of the Technological Era Bernard Hubert
Food Production Systems Involved and Evolving With Landscapes Fred Provenza
An Inspiring Film: Protect Biodiversity and Reduce Climate Change Adam Higazi
An Alternative View of Consumption and Impact Troy Sternberg
Legal Assistance to Pastoralists in Niger: A New Tool for Peace Serge Aubague, Sani Nasser Baré
Communications from the Field: The Tale of Two Gujjar Communities Anita Sharma


Covid-19 Resilience in Mongolian Pastoralist Communities Troy Sternberg, B. Batbuyan, Bolor-Erdene Battsengel, Enkhbat Sainbayar
Research Report: Effects of Covid-19 Containment Measures on Ethiopian Pastoralists’ Livelihoods Tim Bosch

Dulam Bumochir, The State, Popular Mobilisation and Gold Mining in Mongolia. Shaping ‘Neoliberal’ Policies Antoine Maire
Samuel Derbyshire, Remembering Turkana: Material Histories and Contemporary Livelihoods in North-Western Kenya Greta Semplici, J. Terrence Mccabe

NP Vol.24 (2), 2020

Methodological Mess: Doing Research in Contexts of High Variability

Methodological Mess: Doing Research in Contexts of High Variability Linda Pappagallo, Greta Semplici

Niglá: Methodology of Discontinuous (Im)Mobilities among Malian Kel Tamasheq in Bamako Giulia Gonzales

A Relational View of Pastoral (im)mobilities Natasha Maru

Flexible Epistemologies: Gypsy/roma Thinking and Anthropology Theory Stefania Pontrandolfo, Marco Solimene

Identity as a Lens on Livelihoods: Insights From Turkana, Kenya Cory Rodgers

The Mismeasurement of Cattle Ownership In Namibia’s Northern Communal Areas Dylan Groves, Venomukona Tjiseua

Commons Research and Pastoralism in the Context of Variability Jill Philine Blau

Socio-Technical Objects at the Crossroads Between ‘Universal’ Policy Models for Livestock Production Development, Local Practices and Dynamics of Change Sergio Magnani

Nomadic Digital Ethnography and Engagement Allison Hahn

Think Piece: Governmentalities, Situated and Abstract, in China Gabriel Lafitte

Afterword: The Infrastructures of Difference Solveig Joks, Liv Østmo, John Law


Andrea E. Duffy, Nomad’s Land: Pastoralism and French Environmental Policy in the Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean World Onur Inal
Mikkel Bille, Being Bedouin Around Petra: Life at a World Heritage Site in the Twenty-First Century and Alexandre Kedar, Ahmed Amara and Oren Yiftachel, Emptied Lands: A Legal Geography of Bedouin Rights in the Negev Dawn Chatty
Alun Thomas, Nomads and Soviet Rule: Central Asia under Lenin and Stalin Henrykj Alff
Samuel Derbyshire, Remembering Turkana: Material Histories and Contemporary Livelihoods in North-Western Kenya Greta Semplici, J. Terrence McCabe