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Original Language versions and Supplementary Material

Links below give access to original language versions of papers and reviews published in translation, and to supplementary data not included at final publication. © Commission on Nomadic Peoples. Fair use quotation of limited passages is permitted.

Original language versions of papers

Yazid Ben Hounet, Anne-Marie Brisebarre and Sandra Guinand, ‘Introduction: The Making of Heritages among Nomadic, Pastoral Peoples in Muslim Societies’
Nomadic Peoples 20 (2016): 163-175.
Original version (in French)

Carole Ferret, ‘The ambiguities of the Kazakhs’ nomadic heritage’
Nomadic Peoples 20 (2016): 176-199.
Original version (in French)

Anaïs Leblon, ‘“Is pastoralism dead?” Between nostalgia, transmission and maintenance of the practice of transhumant cattle herding in Mali’
Nomadic Peoples 20 (2016): 216-244.
Original version (in French)

Yazid Ben Hounet, Sandra Guinand, ‘The wacda of Sid Ahmad Majdûb and of Sidi Yahia: the intangible heritage and the semi-nomadic tribes of the Algerian West’
Nomadic Peoples 20 (2016): 245-264.
Original version (in French)

Nicolas Elias, ‘This is not a Festival. Transhumance-Based Economies on Turkey’s Upland Pastures’
Nomadic Peoples 20 (2016): 265-286.
Original version (in French)

REVIEW of Michel Meuret, coordinateur,
Un savoir-faire de bergers

Supplementary Material

Shauna BurnSilver, ‘ Representing wealth in a changing pastoral economy: a comparison of traditional and new metrics in Maasailand, Kenya’
Nomadic Peoples 20 (2016): 8-34.
Supplementary material

Pre-publication (unproofed) versions of Reviews

Camilla Toulmin, Land, Investment, and Migration: Thirty-five Years of Village Life in Mali

Claire Cécile Mitatre, Land, Investment, and Migration: Thirty-five Years of Village Life in Mali