OA Books

OA book publication with WHP

Recognising the desirability of making research outcomes freely discoverable by the widest possible audience, in 2021 we launched our Open Access Books programme, with books to be published under Creative Commons Licensing on on a variety of platforms from 2022. We apply the same scholarly and editorial standards for OA books as for our traditional publications and all proposals will be subject to equal standards of peer review. Our Open Access procedures aim to meet the requirements of major research funders. In many cases a print version will also be available for purchase and OA publication will be simultaneous with that of any print version.

Open Access charges will vary according to the complexity of the work but indicative costs are as follows:
Up to 80,000 words £8,000
Up to 100,000 words £9,000
These charges, unlike those of some other publishers, include copyediting and the provision of an index.

We can also assist, at a lower price, with the conversion of White Horse Press backlist titles to OA – please contact Sarah (sarah@whpress.co.uk) for an indication of cost. Chapter level Open Access is also available.

The White Horse Press is the only publisher specialising in environment and society. While we are small, our publishing standards are high. Open Access removes the potential barriers to visibility that a small publisher faces in the retail market. You can be assured that an OA volume with WHP will be as visible as one from a larger publisher; and we are certain that your author experience will be second to none. Please contact Sarah Johnson (sarah@whpress.co.uk) if you have any queries about Open Access book publication with The White Horse Press.


Our current OA Book Projects

 A Perfect Storm in the Amazon Wilderness: Success and Failure in the Fight to Save an Ecosystem of Critical Importance to the Planet by Timothy J. Killeen is a comprehensive review of the recent history and future prospects for the pan-Amazon region. Published serially, from April 2021. Pathways: Exploring the Routes of a Movement Heritage (forthcoming) is an important new collection by internationally renowned scholars describing how trails and paths are pathways to the past – and serve as a physical and cultural infrastructure of human memory. While they lead the way forward for anyone out walking, they also point backwards, towards history. Also planned is an updated edition of Björn-Ola Linnér’s The Return of Malthus. First published by The White Horse Press in 2003, this is a comprehensive analysis of the post-war fear of scarcity. Even more relevant today, it charts perceptions of and prescriptions for crises of population growth and resource shortage, which have had profound influence on agricultural, population and security policies from the Second World War to the present.