OA Books

As a new development for 2021, we are publishing several books as Open Access titles, free to read or download, and accessible through a variety of online portals. A Perfect Storm in the Amazon Wilderness: Success and Failure in the Fight to Save an Ecosystem of Critical Importance to the Planet by Timothy J. Killeen is a comprehensive review of the recent history and future prospects for the pan-Amazon region. Published serially, from April 2021. Pathways: Exploring the Routes of a Movement Heritage (forthcoming) is an important new collection by internationally renowned scholars describing how trails and paths are pathways to the past – and serve as a physical and cultural infrastructure of human memory. While they lead the way forward for anyone out walking, they also point backwards, towards history. Also planned is an updated edition of Björn-Ola Linnér’s The Return of Malthus. First published by The White Horse Press in 2003, this is a comprehensive analysis of the post-war fear of scarcity. Even more relevant today, it charts perceptions of and prescriptions for crises of population growth and resource shortage, which have had profound influence on agricultural, population and security policies from the Second World War to the present.