Environment and History

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EH Vol.30 (3), August 2024


Editorial David Moon, Leona Skelton

The Extra-Planetary Mine: Space Mining as Continuity Thomas Cheney

Monumental Trees, or the Phenomenological Guardians of the Landscape Tomasz Związek

Natural Catastrophe as a Consequence of Forced Displacement: Reviewing the Handlová Landslide From a Cultural-Historical Perspective Michal Korhel

Empire, Nature and Agrarian World: A History of Rhino Preservation in the Kaziranga Game Reserve, India (1902–1938) Biswajit Sarmah

From Devil-Fish to Friendly Whale? Encountering Gray Whales on The California Coast Anna Guasco

From a Grassland to a Bush Capital: A Historic Review of Canberra’s Green Infrastructure Development Fahimeh Mofrad, Maria Ignatieva

Ecology in Transition: Fernando González Bernáldez, Scientific Modernisation and Environmental Advocacy in Late Francoist Spain, 1960–1980 Santos Casado

An Exotic Tree in a Foreign Country: A Cultural Biography of the Lodgepole Pine in Sweden Erland Mårald, Jimmy Jönsson, Örjan Kardell, Jörgen Sjögren, Anna Tunlid

Ian M. Miller, Fir and Empire: The Transformation of Forests in Early Modern China Shaoming Duan

Robert R. Crifasi, Western Water A to Z: The History, Nature, and Culture of a Vanishing Resource Karl Nycklemoe

A. Çolak, S. Kirka and I.D. Rotherham (eds), Ancient Woods, Trees and Forests Pietro Piana

Ranjan Chakrabarti, Climate Calamity and the Wild – An Environmental History of the Bengal Delta, c. 1737–1947 Ian Rotherham

ESEH Notepad – Our Common Past: When it All Started… Chloé Vlassopoulos, Verena Winiwarter