NP Vol.26 (2), September 2022

Editorial Saverio Krätli

The Changpa and Ladakh Pashmina: Craft Revivalism, Skill Development and Ecology in Ladakh, India Abhilasha Bahuguna, G. Prasanna Ramaswamy

Anticipation and Contestation along the Lapsset Infrastructure Corridor in Kenya Kennedy Mkutu

Bedouins, Not ‘Egyptians’: Characteristics and Features of the Bedouin Tribes of Sinai Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal, Matthew R. Sparks

Not Quite the End of Nomadism: Gypsies, Travellers and Roma in Contemporary Europe Anthony Howarth

The Dromedary Camel and the Yak: Very Different Animals with Many Similar Traits A. Allan Degen, Shaher El-Meccawi, Jaim Sivan, Michael Kam

Jarmila Ptáčková, Exile from the Grasslands: Tibetan Herders and Chinese Development Projects Palden Tsering

Charlotte Marchina, Nomadic Pastoralism among the Mongol Herders: Multispecies and Spatial Ethnography in Mongolia and Transbaikalia Daniel J. Miller

Mustafa Coşkun, Improvising the Voice of the Ancestors: Heritage and Identity in Central Asia Eva-Marie Dubuisson

Obituary: William Osbert Lancaster 1938–2022 Fidelity Lancaster