Nomadic Peoples: Subscribe to Open

The White Horse Press is committed to reducing and removing barriers to access for the material we publish. After all, the best, latest thought on environment and society is relevant to, literally, everyone.

With the move towards Open Access accelerating across the scholarly publishing industry, we’re seeing more opportunities than ever before to break through the financial constraints that have traditionally limited readership for our books and journals.

As part of our wider effort to migrate to an Open Access publishing model, we have decided to offer ‘Nomadic Peoples’ vol 27 (2023) on a ‘Subscribe to Open’ basis.  We’re hopeful that this will allow us to convert the journal’s entire 2023 output to diamond Open Access, at no cost to authors or readers.

This journal engages with a wide variety of pastoralist and nomadic societies, often in the Global South, and offers incisive and policy-relevant analysis of their ways of life – but in practice most of those whose lives are thus analysed cannot access the research outcomes. So, as well as the general public benefit associated with removing access barriers to new research, we hope in particular to enable the pastoralist and nomad societies under discussion to engage more easily with Nomadic Peoples content, fulfilling the journal’s and the CNP’s mission to treat these groups as involved subjects rather than research objects.

For more information about why we’re doing this and how we’re going about it, please see our S2O statement for Nomadic Peoples: