NP Vol.25 (2), October 2021

Rethinking Resilience in the Context of East African Pastoralism

Introduction: Rethinking Resilience in the Context of East African Pastoralism Shinya Konaka, Peter D. Little

Does Livelihood and Asset Diversification Contribute to Pastoralist Resilience?: the Case of Il Chamus, Baringo County, Kenya, 1980–2018 Peter D. Little

Dynamics of Cultural Value of Non-Pastoral Activities among the Daasanach in East Africa Toru Sagawa

Resilience and the Mobility of Identity: Belonging and Change among Turkana Herders in Northern Kenya Greta Semplici

Reconsidering the Resilience of Pastoralism from the Perspective of Reliability: The Case of Conflicts between the Samburu and the Pokot of Kenya, 2004–2009 Shinya Konaka

Resilience through Adaptation: Innovations in Maasai Livelihood Strategies Jacques Pollini, John G. Galaty

Citizenship, Resistance and Animals: Karamoja Region Pastoralists’ Resilience against State Violence in Uganda Itsuhiro Hazama

How Many Spines Does a Cactus Have? Reflections on Oxford’s 5th Interdisciplinary Desert Conference (1–2 July 2021) Manannan Donoghoe

Guillaume Blanc. L’Invention du colonialisme vert: Pour en finir avec le mythe de l’Éden africain. Diana K. Davis

Florian Köhler, Space, Place and Identity: Woɗaaɓe of Niger in the 21st Century. Sandrine Loncke