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Our subscription journals normally charge for access to research articles, but authors can pay to publish their articles as Open Access under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 Licence. This means they are free for anyone to read and copy, in perpetuity. For more details see our ‘For Authors‘ page. Published Open Access articles are listed below.

Environmental Values

Fracking on YouTube: Exploring Risks, Benefits and Human Values Rusi Jaspal, Andrew Turner and Brigitte Nerlich

Carbon Leakage and the Argument from No Difference Matthew Rendall

Stability and Change in British Public Discourses about Climate Change between 1997 and 2010 Stuart Capstick, Nicholas Pidgeon and Karen Henwood

Approaching Change: Exploring Cracks in the Eco-Modern Sustainability Paradigm Pernilla Hagbert, Åsa Nyblom, Karolina Isaksson

Everyday Life Ecologies: Crisis, Transitions and the Aesth-Etics of Desire Alice Dal Gobbo

Considering the Diverse Views of Ecologisation in the Agrifood Transition: An Analysis Based on Human Relationships with Nature Danièle Magda, Claire Lamine and Jean-Paul Billaud

Releasement and Reappropriation: A Structural-Ethical Response to the Environmental Crisis Tatiana Llaguno

Rethinking Appropriateness of Actions in Environmental Decisions: Connecting Interest and Identity Negotiation with Plural Valuation Christopher M. Raymond, Paul Hirsch, Bryan Norton, Andrew Scott and Mark S. Reed

Environment and History

Forced Solidarity: Maintenance of Coastal Defences Along the North Sea Coast in the Early Modern Period Milja van Tielhof

Faire mieux que la nature? The History of Eel Restocking in Europe Willem Dekker and Laurent Beaulaton

Regional Planning in a Decentralised State: How Administrative Practices contributed to Consensus-Building in Sixteenth-Century Holland Milja van Tielhof

‘Public Interest’ as a Basis for Early Modern State-Society Interactions: Water Control Projects in Qing China, 1750-1850 Wenkai He

‘The Lungs of the City’: Green Space, Public Health and Bodily Metaphor in the Landscape of Urban Park History Karen R. Jones

Curiosity and Instruction: British and Irish Botanic Gardens and their Audiences, 1760-1800 Clare Hickman

‘Living in a State of Filth and Indifference to … Their Health’: Weather, Public Health and Urban Governance in Colonial George Town, Penang Fiona Williamson and Katrina Proust

Oceans and Landless Farms: Linking Southern and Northern Shadow Places of Industrial Livestock (1954-1975) Floor Haalboom

The Birth of Hirudiculture: Parisian Medicine, Leech Farming and the Transformation of Marshland in Nineteenth-Century France Robert G.W. Kirk, Neil Pemberton and Thibaut Serviant-Fine

From Reintroduction to Rewilding: Autonomy, Agency and the Messy Liberation of the European Bison Monica Vasile

How Bogs Made for Borderlands: The Eastern Low Countries, c. 670 – c. 1900 CE Maurice Paulissen, Roy van Beek and Edward H. Huijbens

Wild Smoke: Managing Forest Pollution in Northern British Columbia since 1950 Mica Jorgenson

Nomadic Peoples

Elusive profits: understanding economic performance of local traders in the pastoral small ruminant value chain in Northern Kenya Guyo Malicha Roba, Margareta Amy Lelea, Oliver Hensel and Brigitte Kaufmann

As part of our ‘Subscribe to Open‘ initiative, the whole of Volumes 1 and 27 of Nomadic Peoples are now Open Access.

Global Environment

More-than-human Infrastructure for Just Resilience: Learning from, Working with, and Designing for Bald Cypress Trees (Taxodium distichum) in the Mississippi River Delta Bonnie J. Gordon and Stanislav Roudavski

Historicising Entanglements: Science, Technology and Socio-Ecological Change in the Postcolonial Anthropocene Evelien de Hoop, Aarthi Sriudhar, Claiton Marcio da Silva and Erik van der Vleuten

Sustainability Knowledge Politics: Southeast Asia, Europe and the Transregional History of Palm Oil Sustainability Research Evelien De Hoop, Erik Van Der Vleuten

Bio-anthropophagy, or the Anthropocene in the Making: the Caboclo Peoples in the Construction of Modern Brazil (1889–1939) Claiton Marcio Da Silva, Claudio De Majo

The Expansion of the Railway and Environmental Changes: The Modern Configuration of the Argentine Pampas, c. 1870–1930 Ana Marcela França De Oliveira, Adrián Gustavo Zarrilli

Imagining the Nile: Knowledge–Power Nexus in the 19th Century Anthropocene Abeer R.Y. Abazeed, Yasmine Hafez

From National to Cosmopolitan Hydrocarbons Resource Space: Hydrocarbons, Transnational Politics and the State in Greece Yannis Fotopoulos, Stathis Arapostathis

Catalysing Socio-Ecological Change: The Extraction and Processing of Edible Oils, 1910–1940 Frank Veraart.
Winner of the THE SOPHIE COE PRIZE 2023 for writing on food history.

The Transformation of Green Zones in Yerevan, Armenia: Domestication of Nature, Times of Ruination and the Idea of ‘New Hanging Gardens’ Heiko Conrad and Susanne Fehlings


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Environmental Values

As a sampler of Environmental Values we are currently offering FREE online access on ingentaconnect to the following articles.

Environmental Aesthetics and Rewilding. Jonathan Prior, Emily Brady

The Problem of Inclusion in Deliberative Environmental Valuation. Andrés Vargas, Alex Lo, Michael Howes, Nicholas Rohde

The Green Economy: Pragmatism or Revolution? Perceptions of Young Researchers on Social Ecological Transformation. Dalia D’Amato, Nils Droste, Sander Chan, Anton Hofer

The Skewed Vulnerabilities and Moral Corruption in Global Perspectives on Climate Engineering. Wylie Carr, Christopher J. Preston

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Environment and History

Special Virtual Edition of Environment and History

Natures in Between’, a collection of 15 papers from the Environment and History archives, produced for the 2017 ESEH Conference in Zagreb, is available to download at absolutely no cost from this page in both PDF format (3.8 MB, suitable for laptops and ipads) and epub format (1.9 MB, readable using ibooks and other mobile apps).

We are also currently offering FREE online access on ingentaconnect to the following articles.

Green Rhetoric in Blackshirts: Italian Fascism and the Environment. Marco Armiero and Wilko Graf von Hardenberg

Environmental History of Botanical Exchanges in the Indian Ocean World. Haripriya Rangan, Judith Carney and Tim Denham

Writing the Wolf: Canine Tales and North American Environmental-Literary Tradition. Karen Jones

Violence Against People and the Land: The Environment and Refugee Migration from China’s Henan Province, 1938-1945. Micah S. Muscolino

Dark is the World to Thee: A Historical Perspective on Environmental Forewarnings. Teresa Kwiatowska and Alan Holland

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