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The Journal of Population and Sustainability

The Journal of Population and Sustainability (JP&S) is the only interdisciplinary journal exploring all aspects of the relationship between human populations and environmental sustainability.
While encompassing the relationship between human demographic dynamics and environmental change, the journal's central concern is with the population–consumption–technology–environment nexus (PCTEN) more broadly. The JP&S is therefore interested in the exploration of how the absolute growth and spatial expansion of human populations, including the growth of populations of human ‘stuff’ (i.e., buildings, consumer goods, vehicles, crops, domesticated animals, etc.) are related to the core characteristics of the Anthropocene: the persistent and extensive human impact on different terrains, geophysical systems, ecosystems, and populations of other species.
However, the JP&S also considers the complex and uneven distribution of environmental impacts amongst human population groups. We therefore particularly welcome papers concerned with understanding how population dynamics and environmental change relate to inequalities of welfare, economic and political power, and access to technology. By the same token, papers considering the interactive influence of demographic, technological, social, political, cultural and behavioural factors on environmental impact and sustainability are also encouraged. Moreover, the journal also aims to be a forum for the discussion of conceptual, normative and ethical issues surrounding the idea of sustainability and human numbers.

The JP&S is entirely open access: we do not charge article processing fees and all content is freely available online under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 Attribution Licence which grants authors the most extensive rights. The journal publishes both double blind peer reviewed papers and invited material, and adheres to the publication standards and ethics shared by all White Horse Press publications.

The JP&S was established in 2016 by campaigning environmental charity Population Matters as a forum to bring together scholars from diverse disciplines, stimulate discussion and further the development of research around the population–consumption–technology nexus. Now published by The White Horse Press, it continues to be generously supported by Population Matters but remains entirely editorially independent, and welcomes all perspectives on the relationship between human numbers and environmental change.

ISSN: 2635-1331 (Online, OPEN ACCESS)


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