Social sciences books

We have a modest environmental philosophy list: in 2012 we reissued the classic essay collection by Richard Sikora and Brian Barry, Obligations to Future Generations (Temple University Press 1978; The White Horse Press 1997 and 2012). Dominic Hyde’s Eco-Logical Lives, an intellectual biography of Richard Sylvan (some of whose environmental philosophy books were published by The White Horse Press) and Val Plumwood, appeared in 2014. In 2015 we published Anne Frank’s Tree. In this important and original interdisciplinary work, Eric Katz explores technology’s role in dominating both nature and humanity in a meditation on the opposing themes of domination and autonomy as they relate to the uses of technology in environmental policy and in the genocidal policies of the Holocaust. In 2022, responding to demand from readers, we re-issued Richard Sylvan’s Transcendental Metaphysics: From Radical to Deep Plurallism.

Collections integrating anthropology and geography are Changing Deserts: Integrating People and their Environment, edited by Lisa Mol and Troy Sternberg (2012); Pastoralist Livelihoods in Asian Drylands: Environment, Governance and Risk, edited by Ariell Ahearn and Troy Sternberg, with Allison Hahn; and Modern Pastoralism and Conservation: Old Problems, New Challenges, edited by Troy Sternberg and Dawn Chatty (2013, originally published in China). Our short anthropological list also now includes a republication of Dawn Chatty’s seminal 1986 work From Camel to Truck, and Herder Warfare in East Africa, an important study of the social and spatial history of tribal conflict, by Gufu Oba; and a collection focusing on the rapidly changing conditions of nomadic life. More recently, we have published Policy and Practice in Rural Tanzania by Antonio Allegretti; the first volume in Tim Killeen’s magnum opus, A Perfect Storm in the Amazon Wilderness; The Environment and the European Public Sphere; and a book on aesthetics, The Forbidden Subject.