PP Vol.1 (1), April 2024

Editorial John Charles Ryan

Voltaire’s Breadfruit: Thoughts on the Inspiration for an Eighteenth-Century Colonial Botanical Transfer Russell Fielding

Ahuehuete, Water Elder: Drought, Hope and ‘Comunalidad’ in Santa María del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico Max D. López Toledano

Plantiness, Multispecies Conviviality and Changing Human-Plant Geographies Subarna De

Wetland Plants and Aboriginal Paludiculture in North- and South-Eastern Australia Rod Giblett

Companion Plant Reading: Translating Vegetal Voices Astrid Møller-Olsen

Botanical Awareness and Adolescent Maturation in Siri Pettersen’s Odin’s Child Irene Bordignon

Unlocking Landscapes Through Westonbirt’s Archive: Exploring the Inclusive Possibilities of Entangled Histories of Plants, Places and People Clare Hickman, Sarah L. Bell

Invisible Kelp Forest: from Smell to Sound Melody Jue, Anya Yermakova, Jacob Cram, Eli Stine

Fungsu Mukesh Malviya, Nina Bhatt

Invisible Landscape Esthela Calderón, Steven F. White

The Frost that Touches the Bark and Goes Noëlle King

Trees as Lived (Some Retorting Legends) Peter Larkin

Serenade for the Eucalypt Outside Number 85 Anne Elvey

In a Landscape (1948) Glen Phillips

Stella Sandford, Vegetal Sex: Philosophy of Plants Christian Keeve

Jared D. Margulies, The Cactus Hunters: Desire and Extinction in the Illicit Succulent Trade Diego Molina