EH Vol.30 (2), May 2024

Editorial David Moon, Leona Skelton

Mimicking Lyrebirds in Multispecies History Ruby Ekkel

Burned Oil Rigs and Cut Woods: The Environmental Dimension of the First World War on the Eastern Front Iaroslav Golubinov

‘The Accommodative Apparatus’: Drawing the Life of Sex Work on the Eroding Coast of Sundarbans Amrita Dasgupta

Race, Environment, and Crisis: Hurricane Camille and the Politics of Southern Segregation Atte Arffman, Antero Holmila

How Bogs Made for Borderlands: The Eastern Low Countries, c. 670 – c. 1900 ce Maurice Paulissen, Roy Van Beek, Edward H. Huijbens

Wild Smoke: Managing Forest Pollution in Northern British Columbia since 1950 Mica Jorgenson

‘Growing a World Wonder’: The Great Green Wall and the History of Environmental Decline in the Sahel, 1450–2022 John Cropper

David Moon, The American Steppes: The Unexpected Russian Roots of Great Plains Agriculture, 1870s–1930s Alina Bykova

Royden Loewen, Mennonite Farmers: A Global History of Place and Sustainability Benjamin W. Goossen

Joy L. K. Pachuau and Willem van Schendel, Entangled Lives: Human-Animal-Plant Histories of the Eastern Himalayan Triangle Harrison Croft

ESEH Notepad – Reflections: Initiatives of the Third ESEH NEXTGATe Team (2021–2023) and Plans for the Future Noémi Ujházy, Elizabeth Hameeteman, Goran Đurđević, Tanja Riekkinen, Sevgi Mutlu Sirakova, Monique Palma, Monica Vasile