EV Vol.33 (1), February 2024

The Political Ecology of Technology: A Non-Neutrality Approach

The political ecology of technology: A non-neutrality approach Adrián Almazán, Luis I. Prádanos

A new era for Environmental Values Tom Greaves, Norman Dandy

A socio-historical ontology of technics: Beyond technology Adrián Almazán

Beyond prometheanism: Modern technologies as strategies for redistributing time and space Alf Hornborg

The city of god revisited: Digitalism as a new technological religion Andoni Alonso, Iñaki Arzoz

The dangers of masculine technological optimism: Why feminist, antiracist values are essential for social justice, economic justice, and climate justice Jennie C. Stephens

World-making technology entangled with coloniality, race and gender: Ecomodernist and degrowth perspectives Susan Paulson

Sam Moore & Alex Roberts, The Rise of Ecofascism: Climate Change and the Far Right Piers H.G. Stephens

John Nolt, Incomparable Values: Analysis, Axiomatics, and Applications Leo Yan