EH Vol.30 (1), February 2024

Editorial David Moon, Leona Skelton

Haunted Vegetation: Formerly German Orchards in Polish Pomerania Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska

Hujog: The Disaster Years in Pre- and Post-1971 Chilmari, Bangladesh Saad Quaseem

Environment and Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Northeast Portugal (Eighteenth–Nineteenth Centuries) Pedro Mota Tavares

Working Like a Dog: Canine Labour, Technological Unemployment, and Extinction in Industrialising England Neil Humphrey

Ottoman Lakes and Fluid Landscapes: Environing, Wetlands and Conservation in the Marmara Lake Basin, Circa 1550–1900 Semih Çelik, Christina Luke, Christopher H. Roosevelt

The Birth of Hirudiculture: Parisian Medicine, Leech Farming and the Transformation of Marshland in Nineteenth-Century France Robert G.W. Kirk, Neil Pemberton, Thibaut Serviant-Fine

From Reintroduction to Rewilding: Autonomy, Agency and the Messy Liberation of the European Bison Monica Vasile

The Many Pollutant Identities of Carbon Dioxide: Global Climate Monitoring and Air Pollution Research in New Zealand, 1968–1975 R. Ashton Macfarlane

Jennifer Bonnell and Sean Kheraj (eds), Traces of the Animal Past: Methodological Challenges in Animal History Harrison Croft

Martin V. Melosi, Water in North American Environmental History J.R. McNeill

ESEH Notepad Christian Rohr