Worldwide Waste Vol.4 No.1 (2021)

Introduction to Special Collection: Social Science and the Social Life of Plastic Brigitte Steger, Patrick O’hare, Teresa Sandra Perez

Problematising Plastic: A Visual Analysis of the ‘Jute not Plastic’ Campaign, 1976–1979 (Switzerland, Germany, Austria) Charlotte Bruns, Matthias Sommer

‘Drinking and Dropping’: On Interacting with Plastic Pollution and Waste in South-Eastern Nigeria Lesley Henderson, Emeka Dumbili

Cambridge, Carnaval, and the ‘Actually Existing Circularity’ of Plastics Patrick O’Hare

‘Stingy, Stingy, Stingy Government’: Mixed Responses to the Introduction of the Plastic Carrier Bag Levy in Japan Brigitte Steger

Piles of Plastic on Darkening Himalayan Peaks: Changing Cosmopolitics of ‘Pollution’ in Limi, Western Nepal Hildegard Diemberger, Samanta Skrivere

Plastic Mut(e)ability: Limited Promises of Plasticity Tridibesh Dey

Recycling Food Waste: An Investigation into the Delicate Process of Bio-waste Valuation François-Joseph Daniel, Marion Martin

The Discursive Power of Recycling: Valuing Plastic Waste in Cape Town Teresa Sandra Perez