Worldwide Waste Vol.3 No.1 (2020)

Editorial Introduction to the Special Collection ‘Dirty Places, Geographies of Waste’ Jaime Moreno-Tejada

A Deal over Dirt: From a German–German Bargain to the Creation of an Environmental Problem in the 1980s Sophie Lange

Secrecy at the End of the Recycling Chain: The Recycling of Plastic Waste in Surabaya, Indonesia Freek Colombijn

‘We Are Already Sick’: Infectious Waste Management and Inequality in the Time of Covid-19, a Reflection from Blantyre, Malawi Elizabeth Tilley, Marc Kalina

Cultural Origins of Japan’s Premodern Night Soil Collection System Marta E. Szczygiel

Shifting Definitions of Hazardous Wastes Craig Colten

Waste Pickers at the Heart of the Circular Economy: A Perspective of Inclusive Recycling from the Global South Jutta Gutberlet, Sebastián Carenzo

The Fluid Geography of Rubbish: An Analysis of the Patras Refugee Camp (1999–2009) Sotiris Lycourghiotis

Scarecrows and Scapegoats: The Futility and Power of Cleaning a Landscape Khalil Avi Betz-Heinemann, Joseph Tzanopoulos