Worldwide Waste Vol.2 No.1 (2019)

On Materiality and Meaning: Ethnographic Engagements with Reuse, Repair & Care Cindy Isenhour, Joshua Reno

Editorial Introduction to the Special Collection ‘Development of Waste – Development as Waste’ Iris Borowy

Building Castles out of Debris: Reuse Interior Design as a ‘Design of the Concrete’ Staffan Appelgren

‘It will Keep Circulating’: Loving and Letting Go of Things in Swedish Second-hand Markets Anna Bohlin

Reminiscence and Recompense: Reuse and the Garage Sale Gretchen M. Herrmann

Electronic Life Histories: At Home with E-waste Waste Materialities and Meaning Shannon Mcmullen, Laura Zanotti, H. Kory Cooper

Rummaging through the Attic of New England Brieanne Berry, Jennifer Bonnet, Cindy Isenhour

The Spectre of Superbugs: Waste, Structural Violence and Antimicrobial Resistance in India Assa Doron, Alex Broom

A Materially Contextualised Account of Waste Pickers’ Marginalisation in Brazil: The Case of ‘Rubbish PET’ Tatianna Mello Pereira Da Silva

In the Name of Circularity: Environmental Improvement and Business Slowdown in a Chinese Recycling Hub Yvan Schulz, Anna Lora-Wainwright

The Struggle for Sustainable Waste Management in Hong Kong: 1950s–2010s Nele Fabian, Loretta Ieng Tak Lou

Hazardous Waste: The Beginning of International Organizations Addressing a Growing Global Challenge in the 1970s Iris Borowy