EV Vol.32 (6), December 2023

Environmental Philosophy in Context Anna Wienhues

Individual Responsibility to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Kantian Deontological Perspective Marc D. Davidson

Slippery Slope Arguments as Precautionary Arguments: A New Way of Understanding the Concern about Geoengineering Research James Andow

Practice, Ethical Life and Normative Authority: The Problem of Alienation in Steven Vogel’s Environmental Philosophy Simon Lumsden

Rethinking Appropriateness of Actions in Environmental Decisions: Connecting Interest and Identity Negotiation with Plural Valuation Paul Hirsch, Bryan Norton, Andrew Scott, Mark S. Reed

Beyond Statism and Deliberation: Questioning Ecological Democracy through Eco-Anarchism and Cosmopolitics Jacob Smessaert, Giuseppe Feola

Rupert Read, Why Climate Breakdown Matters Zachary Vereb

Graham Parkes, How to Think about the Climate Crisis: A Philosophical Guide to Saner Ways of Living Marion Hourdequin

Orsolya Lelkes, Sustainable Hedonism: A Thriving Life that Does Not Cost the Earth Francis Munier