EH Vol.29 (4), November 2023

Editorial David Moon, Leona Skelton

Along the Western Margin of Park Am Gleisdreieck, an Urban Hybrid Environment Elena Ferrari

The Emergency Has Already Happened Rebecca Duncan, Eleonor Marcussen, Mike Classon Frangos, Emily Hanscam

Nature and the British Raj: The Paradoxes of Forest Policy in Colonial India Nandini Sree

‘A Kind of Sensory, Strange Thing to Experience’: Speaking Environmental Disaster in the Sea Empress Project Archive Timothy Cooper

The Various Reasons for Killing Wolves in the Fifteenth-Century Liberty of Bruges Kristiaan Dillen

Sand and the City: On Colonial Development and its Evasive Enemies in Twentieth-Century Palestine Dotan Halevy

Creatures of the Clearings: Deforestation, Grass-Cutting Ants and Multispecies Landscape Change in Postcolonial Brazil Diogo De Carvalho Cabral

Caring for Waterscapes in the Anthropocene: Heritage-making at Budj Bim, Victoria, Australia Sue Jackson

Jennifer Keating, On Arid Ground: Political Ecologies of Empire in Russian Central Asia Beatrice Penati

Lianne C. Leddy, Serpent River Resurgence: Confronting Uranium Mining at Elliot Lake Jessica Urwin

Jane Hamlett and Julie-Marie Strange, Pet Revolution: Animals and the Making of Modern British Life Chris Pearson

ESEH Notepad: Introducing the New ESEH Presidential Team Wilko Graf Von Hardenberg, Marianna Dudley, Sandra Swart