NP Vol.27 (2), September 2023

Sedentist Biases in Law, Policy and Practice 

Sedentism as Doxa: Biases against Mobile Peoples in Law, Policy and Practice Greta Semplici, Cory Rodgers

Seeing Cattle like a State: Sedentist Assumptions of the Namibian Livestock Identification and Traceability System Max Mauerman, Venomukona Tjiseua, Dylan W. Groves

The Bureaucratic Trap: Registered Residence and Sedentist Bias in Italian Social Cohesion Policies for Roma and Sinti Stefania Pontrandolfo, Marco Solimene

Sedentist Epidemiology: COVID-19 Policies and Pastoral Mobility in Turkana County, Kenya Cory Rodgers, Greta Semplici

Schooled Tuaregs’ Engagement with Mobile Pastoralism in the Agadez Region (Niger): Avoidable Sedentism and Alternative Forms of Cooperation Sarah Lunaček

Legal Ambiguity and Land Dispossession: Multi-Scale Conflicting Views on Territorial Authority at the Herlen Bayan-Ulaan State Reserve Pasture Area, Mongolia. Sandagsuren Undargaa

No Option but to Settle! The Community Land Act, Devolution and Pastoralism in Samburu County, Kenya Rahma Hassan, Karuti Kanyinga, Iben Nathan

Concluding Commentary Maryam Niamir-Fuller

Antonio Allegretti, Policy and Practice in Rural Tanzania: Grazing, Fishing and Farming in the Local-Global Interface John G. Galaty