EV Vol.32 (5), October 2023

Finding Ways and Means to Love Nature Tom Greaves

Coping with Devils and Climate Change with the Help of Asceticism? Exploring the Role of Asceticism as Trigger of Collective Climate Action Suleika Bort, Alfred Kieser

Organising Stakeholder Participation in Global Climate Governance: The Effects of Resource Dependency and Institutional Logics in the Green Climate Fund Jonas Bertilsson

Analysing and Anticipating Conflict Using a Values-Centred Online Survey Simone L. Philpot, Keith W. Hipel, Peter A. Johnson

Social Values in Economic Environmental Valuation: A Conceptual Framework Julian R. Massenberg, Bernd Hansjürgens, Nele Lienhoop

Revisiting the Thoughts of José Manuel Naredo, a Pioneer of Ecological Economics in Spain. A Contribution to the Debates on the Need for a Radical Societal Change Cati Torres

Martha Nussbaum, Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility Katharina Braun

David Cayley, Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey Oscar Krüger

Joshua S. Duclos, Wilderness, Morality, and Value Anna Wienhues