EV Vol.32 (4), August 2023

Two Challenges of the Anthropocene Kalpita Bhar Paul

The Role of Contextual Values in the Formation of Ecological Behaviours Camila Horst Toigo, Neil Ravenscroft, Ely José De Mattos

The Trouble with Relational Values Rogelio Luque-Lora

Environmentally Responsible Values, Attitudes and Behaviours of Indian Consumers Rajarshi Majumder, Daria Plotkina, Landisoa Rabeson

Towards the Phenomenology of Hybrids as Regenerative Design and Use – A Post-Heideggerian Account Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj, Vincent Blok

Releasement and Reappropriation: A Structural-Ethical Response to the Environmental Crisis Tatiana Llaguno

Thomas A. Kerns and Kathleen Dean Moore (eds), Bearing Witness: The Human Rights Case Against Fracking and Climate Change David G. Henderson

Malcolm Ferdinand (trans. Anthony Paul Smith), Decolonial Ecology: Thinking from the Caribbean World Zachary Provant

Areti Giannopoulou, Political Friendship and Degrowth: An Ethical Grounding of an Economy of Human Flourishing Jonny Gruensch