EV Vol.32 (3), June 2023

The Values of Technology Norman Dandy

Grappling with Weeds: Invasive Species and Hybrid Landscapes in Cape York Peninsula, Far Northeast Australia Mardi Reardon-Smith

A Scale Problem with the Ecosystem Services Argument for Protecting Biodiversity Katie H. Morrow

Mapuche Az-Mapu and Nature’s Contribution to People: Eudemonic Values for Living Well Jeremy Anbleyth-Evans, Juan Ñanculef-Huaiquinao, Yohana Coñuecar-Llancapani, Francisco Araos Leiva, Wladimir Riquelme Maulén, Christopher Raymond

Individual Responsibility and the Ethics of Hoping for a More Just Climate Future Cody C. Dout, Arthur R. Obst

The Impact of Emissions Reduction Awareness on Moral Self-Concept: Sustaining Climate-Friendly Behaviour in the Aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic Aitor Marcos, Patrick Hartmann, Jose M. Barrutia

Mark Coeckelbergh, Green Leviathan or the Poetics of Political Liberty: Navigating Freedom in the Age of Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence Piers H.G. Stephens

Stephanie Rutherford, Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin: Wolves and the Making of Canada R. Alexander Hunter