EH Vol.29 (2), May 2023

Editorial David Moon, Leona Skelton

Scarcity at Summit: The Arc of Environmental Attitudes at a Panamanian Botanical Garden Henry Jacob

When the Parrot Returns to its Perch: Contestation of Place and Nature in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand Cameron Boyle

The Making of a Pastureland Biome: American Scientists, Miracle Grasses and the Transformation of the Brazilian Cerrado Claiton Marcio Da Silva, Claudio De Majo

Maize on the Move: The Diffusion of a Tropical Cultivar across Europe Loren Galesi

Toward Socialist Environmentalism? Scientists and Environmental Change in Modern Hungary Viktor Pál

‘It’s Not a Reservoir; It’s Valuable Agricultural Land’: Controlled Use of Water and Deliberate Flooding in Lincolnshire Jane Rowling

A Trickle of Authority: The Arid Conditions of Empire in Eighteenth-Century Xinjiang David Anthony Bello

Raf de Bont, Nature’s Diplomats: Science, Internationalism, and Preservation, 1920–1960 Caleb Pennington

Alan D. Roe, Into Russian Nature: Tourism, Environmental Protection, and National Parks in the Twentieth Century Aleksandr Osipov

Max Liboiron, Pollution is Colonialism Karl Nycklemoe

ESEH Notepad: The Hellenic Society for Environmental History: A Report from the Board George L. Vlachos, Vaso Seirinidou, George Gassias, Dimitris Aggelis-Dimakis, Giorgos Velegrakis, Salvatore Adorno