EV Vol.32 (1), February 2023

Some Fears of the Anthropocene Nicholas Bardsley

The Ecology of Fear and Climate Change: A Pragmatist Point of View Jerome Ballet, Damien Bazin, Emmanuel Petit

Crunch Time: The Urgency to Take the Temporal Dimension of Sustainability Seriously Coline Ruwet

What’s in a Pandemic? COVID-19 and the Anthropocene Manuel Arias-Maldonado

Theory Roulette: Choosing that Climate Change is not a Tragedy of the Commons Jakob Ortmann, Walter Veit

Saving the Last Person from Radical Scepticism: How to Justify Attributions of Intrinsic Value to Nature Without Intuition or Empirical Evidence Alexander Pho, Allen Thompson

Brian Patrick Green, Space Ethics Michael Aaron Lindquist

K. Melchor Quick Hall and Gwyn Kirk (eds), Mapping Gendered Ecologies: Engaging With and Beyond Ecowomanism and Ecofeminism Tess Varner