EV Vol.31 (6), December 2022

Editorial Christine J. Winter

Respecting the Nonhuman Other: Individual Natural Otherness and the Case for Incommensurability of Moral Standing Anna Wienhues

Considering the Diverse Views of Ecologisation in the Agrifood Transition: An Analysis Based on Human Relationships with Nature Danièle Magda, Claire Lamine, Jean-Paul Billaud

Ungovernable Earth: Resurgence, Translocal Infrastructures and More-than-Social Movements Andrea Ghelfi, Dimitris Papadopoulos

Legitimate Expectations: Assessing Policies of Transformation to a Low-Carbon Society Lukas H. Meyer, Santiago Truccone-Borgogno

Growing Trees for a Degrowth Society: An Approach to Switzerland’s Forest Sector Leonard Creutzburg

Robert Booth, Becoming a Place of Unrest: Environmental Crisis and Ecophenomenological Praxis Robert H. Scott

Lisa Kretz, Ethics, Emotion, Education, and Empowerment Matt Ferkany