EH Vol.28 (4), November 2022

Editorial Karen R. Jones

Navigating Sturgeon Futures at the Nexus of Extinction and Commodification Hannah Dickinson

Reimagining Just Futures with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring Catherine Price

Sustainable Academia: The Responsibilities of Academic Historians in a Climate-Impacted World Carla Pascoe Leahy, Andrea Gaynor, Simon Sleight, Ruth Morgan, Yves Rees

Oceans and Landless Farms: Linking Southern and Northern Shadow Places of Industrial Livestock (1954–1975) Floor Haalboom

Voices of Protest Against Industrial Pollution in Hubei, China, During the 1970s and 1980s Yun Liu

Crafting the Anthropocene: Environmental Anxieties and Climate Realities in Nineteenth-Century France Andrea Elizabeth Duffy

Lessons from the Past? A Survey of Finnish Forest Utilisation from the Mid-Eighteenth Century to the Present Jan Kunnas, Timo Myllyntaus

Velayutham Saravanan, Environmental History and Tribals in Modern India Vikas Kumar

Chris Pearson, Dogopolis: How Dogs and Humans made Modern New York, London and Paris Josh Doble

Michael Chisholm, Anglo-Saxon Hydraulic Engineering in the Fens Stephen Rippon

ESEH Notepad: 11th Biennial European Society For Environmental History (ESEH) Conference Report Sandra Swart, Andy Flack, Marianna Dudley