EV Vol.31 (5), October 2022

Eudaimonia, Virtue Ethics and Moral Community Kalpita Bhar Paul

Domesticating Rewilding: Interpreting Rewilding in England’s Green and Pleasant Land Virginia Thomas

Zhang Zai’s Cosmology of Qi/qi and the Refutation of Arrogant Anthropocentrism: Confucian Green Theory Illustrated Joel Jay Kassiola

Harmonising with Heaven and Earth: Reciprocal Harmony and Xunzi’s Environmental Ethics Yi Jonathan Chua

African Worldviews, Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development Workineh Kelbessa

Sufficiency and Sustainability: Conceptual Analysis and Ethical Considerations for Sustainable Organisation Tommi Lehtonen, Pasi Heikkurinen

Anthony Annett, Cathonomics: How Catholic Social Thought Can Create a More Just Economy Erik Nordman

Keith R. Peterson, A World Not Made for Us: Topics in Critical Environmental Philosophy Piers H.G. Stephens

Eva Meijer, When Animals Speak: Toward an Interspecies Democracy Dan Hooley