GE Vol.15 (1), February 2022

Extractive Peripheries in Europe

Abstracts of Global Environment Volume 15, Number 1: Extractive Peripheries in Europe

Extractive Peripheries in Europe: Quest for Resources and Changing Environments (Fifteenth–Twentieth Centuries) – Introduction Jawad Daheur

Resource Extraction in a Marginal Space: Mining Revival and the Environment in Southern Tuscany and Northern Latium at the Turn of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Didier Boisseuil

The Ore Mountains Mining Area in Bohemia: A Reservoir of Silver Resources in Central Europe in the Sixteenth Century Sarah Claire

Economic Transformations and Environmental Crises in Lombardy’s Extractive Areas: The Case of Wood (Late Eighteenth to Mid-Nineteenth Centuries) Maurizio Romano

Productive or Extractive Periphery? Russian Poland and Timber Exports to Germany in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Jawad Daheur

Six ‘Schools’ at the Roots of Italian Environmental History Luigi Piccioni

Valerio Caruso, The Swamp of East Naples: Environmental History of an Unruly Suburb Claudio De Majo

Between the Grünen and the Italian Greens: On Two Recent Volumes by Giorgio Grimaldi Carlotta Carpentieri

David Moon, Nicholas B. Breyfogle and Alexandra Bekasova (eds), Place and Nature: Essays in Russian Environmental History Paul Josephson

Notes from the Icehouse: Research in Theory and Practice Jules Reynolds