EV Vol.30 (6), December 2021

Pragmatism, Pluralism, Empiricism and Relational Values Piers H.G. Stephens

The ABCs of Relational Values: Environmental Values That Include Aspects of Both Intrinsic and Instrumental Valuing Anna Deplazes-Zemp, Mollie Chapman

Relational Values: A Unifying Idea in Environmental Ethics and Evaluation? Bryan Norton, Daniel Sanbeg

Experiencing Values in the Flow of Events: A Phenomenological Approach to Relational Values Christophe Gilliand

Justificatory Moral Pluralism: A Novel Form of Environmental Pragmatism Andre Santos Campos, Sofia Guedes Vaz

The Eclosion of Forest and Tree Health Stakeholdership Norman Dandy, Emily F. Porth

Vladimir Bibikhin, The Woods Piers H.G. Stephens

Robin Attfield, Environmental Thought: A Short History Michael Aaron Lindquist

Sing C. Chew, Ecology, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality: Life in the Digital Dark Ages Joshua C. Gellers