GE Vol.14 (3), September 2021

Coastal Cities

Abstracts of Global Environment Volume 14, Number 3: Coastal Cities

Introduction to Global Environment Volume 14, Number 3: Coastal Cities Grit Martinez

More-than-human Infrastructure for Just Resilience: Learning from, Working with, and Designing for Bald Cypress Trees (Taxodium distichum) in the Mississippi River Delta Bonnie J. Gordon, Stanislav Roudavski

As Inland Becomes Coastal: Shifting Equity and Flood Risk in the Amite River Basin (USA) Craig E. Colten

Histories of Urban Deltascapes: A Comparison of Arles and Kolkata Jenia Mukherjee, Raphaël Morera, Joana Guerrin, René Véron

Coercing the Delta. The French Grammar of Control in the African Landscape of Colonial Louisiana, 1699–1732 Nicholas Paskert

From Wetlands to Farmlands: A Campaign Against Nature on China’s Chongming Island, 1960–1962 Bingru Yue

A Visit to Rusty Ships. Tourism as a Strategy of Rejuvenating Shrinking Towns in Coastal Areas Katarzyna Jarosz, Hanna Daria Tricoire

Sea Visibility and the Anxious Coastal Gaze Isaac Land

Sandro Dutra e Silva, No Oeste, a terra e o céu. A expansão da fronteira agrícola no Brasil Central Claudio De Majo

Martin V. Melosi, Fresh Kills: A History of Consuming and Discarding in New York City Simone M. Müller

Notes from the Icehouse in Global Environment Volume 14, Number 3: Coastal Cities Shannon Stunden Bower