EH Vol.27 (4), November 2021

Editorial Karen R. Jones

History of Protected Areas in Argentina: A Seesaw of Shifting Priorities and Policies in a Developing Country María Daniela Rivarola, Daniel Simberloff, Christy Leppanen

‘Do Not Flush Feminine Products!’ The Environmental History, Biohazards and Norms Contained in the UK Sanitary Bin Industry Since 1960 Camilla Mørk Røstvik

Brandis the Forgotten Botanist Michael Mann, Matthias Schultz

From Competition to Cooperation: A History of Canada–US National Park Relations Terence Young, Alan Maceachern, Lary Dilsaver

Singapore’s Lost Coast: Land Reclamation, National Development and the Erasure of Human and Ecological Communities, 1822–Present Miles Alexander Powell

‘The Yellow River Comes from Our Hands’: Silt, Hydroelectricity, and the Sanmenxia Dam, 1929–1973 Xiangli Ding

Charles-François Mathis and Émilie-Anne Pépy, Greening the City: Nature in French Towns from the 17th Century Karen R. Jones

Rachel Rothschild, Poisonous Skies – Acid Rain and the Globalization of Pollution Troy Vettese

Susan Hough, The Great Quake Debate. The Crusader, the Skeptic and the Rise of Modern Seismology David Chester

ESEH Notepad: Looking Back and Forward Marco Armiero