EV Vol.30 (5), October 2021


Nature, Crisis and Transformation Nicholas Bardsley


Does the Fact of Undergoing Natural Hazards Influence People’s Environmental Values and Ecological Commitment?Thierry Long, Nathalie Pantaléon, Rolf Kleerebezem, Zakaria Babutsidze

Values Underlying Preferences for Adaptive Governance in a Chilean Small-Scale Fishing Community
Sarah A. Ebel, Christine M. Beitl, Michael P. Torre

Karl Polanyi, the New Deal and the Green New Deal Gareth Dale

Approaching Change: Exploring Cracks in the Eco-Modern Sustainability Paradigm Pernilla Hagbert, Åsa Nyblom, Karolina Isaksson OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

A Critique of Steven Vogel’s Social Constructionist Attempt to Overcome the Human/Nature Dichotomy Svein Anders Noer Lie


Gregory Bassham, Environmental Ethics: The Central Issues (Zachary Vereb)
Peter Seidel, Uncommon Sense: Shortcomings of the Human Mind for Handling Big-Picture, Long-Term Challenges (Susan Paulson)