EV Vol.30 (4), August 2021


Interpreting the Signs Simon Hailwood


Grounding Ecological Democracy: Semiotics and the Communicative Networks of Nature. Javier Romero and John S. Dryzek

Systemic Unsustainability as a Threat to Democracy. Andrea Felicetti

Explaining Public Participation in Environmental Governance in China. Neil Munro

Media Use, Race and the Environment: The Converging of Environmental Attitudes Based on Self-Reported News Use. Troy Elias, Jay Hmielowski

Valuing Nature for Wellbeing: Narratives of Socio-ecological Change in Dynamic Intertidal Landscapes. Erin Roberts, Merryn Thomas, Nick Pidgeon, Karen Henwood


Ian Mosby, Sarah Rotz, and Evan D.G. Fraser, Uncertain Harvest: The Future of Food on a Warming Planet Clare Worthington Mills
Heeson Bai, David Chang, and Charles Scott (eds), A Book of Ecological Virtues: Living Well in the Anthropocene Geoffrey Frasz
Andy Lamey, Duty and the Beast: Should We Eat Meat in the Name of Animal Rights?
Markku Oksanen