GE Vol.14 (2), 2021

Khedas in South-Eastern Bengal: Colonialism and Wildlife 1765–1810 Baijayanti Chatterjee
Water Sources and Urban Expansion in Ruwa Town in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe, 1986–2020 Terence Tapiwa Muzorewa, Mark Nyandoro
Memories of Social Mobility and Environmental Change: Dam Builders of the Naryn–Syr Darya Gulzat Baialieva, Flora Roberts
Environmental Protection under Authoritarian Regimes in Cold War Chile and Hungary Viktor Pál, Leonardo Valenzuela Perez
The Shikar and Hunting: Eradication of Wildlife in Colonial Jungle Mahal Sekhar Mahapatra

Olaf Kaltmeier, National Parks from North to South: An Entangled History of Conservation and Colonization in Argentina Eduardo Relly
Viktor Pál, Technology and the Environment in State-Socialist Hungary. An Economic History Anna Varga
Luigi Piccioni, The Beloved Face of the Country: The First Movement for Nature Protection in Italy, 1880–1936 Marcus Hall
Perrin Selcer, The Postwar Origins of the Global Environment: How the United Nations Built Spaceship Earth Simone Schleper
A Perfect Storm in The Amazon Wilderness: Success and failure in the fight to save an ecosystem of critical importance to the planet Timothy J. Killeen

Nature in the Midst of Crisis and Development in Latin America: An interview with Guilliermo Herrera Castro Sandro Dutra e Silva, Claudio De Majo

Unequal Knowledge: Justice, Colonialism, and Expertise in Global Environmental Research William San Martín