EH Vol.27 (2), May 2021

Placing Gender

Special issue edited by Katie Holmes and Ruth Morgan


Placing Gender: Gender and Environmental History Katie Holmes, Ruth Morgan


Atmospheric Archives: Gender and Climate Knowledge in Colonial Tasmania Harriet Mercer

Locating ‘Coolie’ Women’s Health in Tea Plantation Environments in Colonial Assam Namrata Borkotoky

Health, Hearth and Empire: Climate, Race and Reproduction in British India and Western Australia Ruth A. Morgan

The ‘Mallee-Made Man’: Making Masculinity in the Mallee Lands of South Eastern Australia, 1890-1940″ Katie Holmes

The Green Years: The Role of Abundant Water in Shaping Postwar Constructions of Rural Femininity Karen Twigg

Ralph and Myrtle Mae Borsodi’s Vision of Back-to-the-Land as a White Heteropatriarchal Refugium during the Great Depression Valerie Padilla Carroll


Ben Nobbs-Thiessen, Landscape of Migration: Mobility and Environmental Change on Bolívia’s Tropical Frontier, 1952 to the Present Frederico Freitas

Viktor Pál, Technology and the Environment in State-socialist Hungary. An Economic History Michal Durco

Paul Star, Thomas Potts of Canterbury: Colonist and Conservationist James Beattie