GE Vol.14 (1), 2021

The Environmental and Ecological Impacts of Guerrilla and Irregular Warfare

Irregular Conflicts, Disrupted Ecologies: The Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Warfare in the Global South Javier Puente
Green Guerrillas and Counterinsurgent Environmentalists in the Petén, Guatemala Anthony Andersson
Fire and Power on the River Basin: Irregular Warfare and Socio-Environmental Consequences of the Guerrilla in Araguaia, Brazil Claudio de Majo
Guerrillas and Fish in Uganda Jennifer L. Johnson
The Maya Forest and Indigenous Resistance during the Caste War David Pretel
The Enduring Climate of Conflict: Drought, Impoverishment and the Long Aftermath of Civil War in Peru Javier Puente
Gund/Village: An Artistic Research Rojda Tugrul

Opening a technical field. Ecological restoration, local knowledge and citizen science Stefan Dorondel