EH Vol. 14(4), November 2008

Trans-Tasman Forest History

Editorial Brett J. Stubbs, Paul Star and Michael M. Roche

The Banks Peninsula Forests and Akaroa Cocksfoot:Explaining a New Zealand Forest Transition Vaughan Wood, Eric Pawson

Environmental Failure, Success and Sustainable Development: The Hauraki Plains Wetlands Through Four Generations of New Zealanders Matthew Hatvany

Forest Conservation and the Reciprocal Timber Trade between New Zealand and New South Wales, 1880s-1920s Brett J. Stubbs

Imperial Ethos, Dominions Reality: Forestry Education in New Zealand and Australia, 1910-1965 Michael M. Roche, John Dargavel

Trees of Gold and Men Made Good? Grand Visions and Early Experiments in Penal Forestry in New South Wales, 1913-1938 Benedict Taylor

Tree Planting in Canterbury, New Zealand, 1850-1910 Paul Star

Colonial Geographies of Settlement: Vegetation, Towns, Disease and Well-Being In Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1830s-1930s James Beattie