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Papers are removed from this list after final publication in a specific journal issue.As there is now only a short delay between acceptance and fast track publication on ingenta we are no longer posting authors’ pre-copyediting versions on the WHP website. Authors remain free to self-archive their accepted papers.

Andrea Elizabeth Duffy, ‘Crafting the Anthropocene: Environmental Anxieties and Climate Realities in Nineteenth-Century France’ accepted 18-02-2020

Floor Haalboom, ‘Oceans and landless farms: linking southern and northern shadow places of industrial livestock (1954-1975)’ accepted 21-02-2020

Yun Liu, ‘Voices of Protest against Industrial Pollution in Hubei, 1970s-1980s China’ accepted 05-03-2020

Andre Brett, Simon Ville, ‘Coping with climate extremes: Railways and pastoralism during Australia’s Federation Drought’ accepted 24-03-2020

Jan Kunnas, Timo Myllyntaus, ‘Lessons from the Past? A Survey of Finnish Forest Utilization from the Mid-18th Century to the Present’ accepted 26-03-2020

Adi Estela Lazos Ruíz, Claudio Garibay Orozco, ‘The Great Chichimeca landscape: pre-Hispanic natural resources use’ accepted 18/05/2020

William Rankin, ‘The Accuracy Trap: The Values and Meaning of Algorithmic Mapping, from Mineral Extraction to Climate Change’ accepted 15/06/2020

John Moore Heydinger, ‘Eserewondo Ozongombe: an environmental and political history of the ovaHerero of Kaokoveld, northwest Namibia, 1800s-1940s’ accepted 02/07/2020

Shang Yuan, Edwin Schmitt, ‘The Retreat of the Human: Processes of Rewilding after Warfare in Sichuan, China’ accepted 10/08/2020

Alice Would, ‘Tactile Taxidermy: The Revival of Animal Skins in the Early Twentieth Century Museum’ accepted 16/09/2020

Claiton Marcio da Silva, Claudio de Majo, ‘The Making of a Pastureland Biome: Scientists, Grasses and Animals in the Brazilian Cerrado (1950-1970)’ accepted 09/10/2020

Loren Galesi, ‘Maize on the Move: The Role of Tropical Culitvars on European Diffusion’ accepted 09/10/2020

Jane Rowling, ‘“It’s not a reservoir; it’s valuable agricultural land”: Controlled use of water and deliberate flooding in Lincolnshire’ accepted 05/11/2020

David Anthony Bello, ‘A Trickle of Authority: The Arid Conditions of Empire in 18th Century Xinjiang’ accepted 19/11/2020

Viktor Pal, ‘Socialist Environmentalism in Cold War Hungary. Trapped between the USSR and the West’ accepted 13/01/2021

Peter Szabo, ‘The Horka litter raking incident: on foresters and peasants in nineteenth-century Moravia’ accepted 04/05/2021

Alex Standen, ‘Building a Puerto Rico ‘Better Than the One We Lost’: Hurricane San Felipe II and the Puerto Rican New Deal’ accepted 27/04/2021

Helen M. Rozwadowski, ‘Wild Blue: The Post-World War Two Ocean Frontier and Its Legacy for Law of the Sea’ accepted 17/05/2021

Kristoffer Ekberg and Martin Hultman, ‘A Question of Utter Importance. The Early History of Climate Change and Energy Policy in Sweden, 1974–1983’ accepted 10/06/2021

Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Ruwan Sampath, James Beattie, Joana Gaspar de Freitas, ‘Managing Coastal Sand Drift in the Anthropocene: A case study of the Manawatū-Whanganui Dune Field, New Zealand, 1800s–2020s’ accepted 29/06/2021

Timothy Cooper, ‘A kind of sensory, strange thing to experience’: Speaking environmental disaster in the Sea Empress Project archive’ accepted 22/07/2021

Kristiaan Dillen, ‘The various reasons for killing wolves in the fifteenth-century Liberty of Bruges’ accepted 31/08/2021

Dotan Halevy, ‘Sand and the City: On Colonial Development and Its Evasive Enemies’ accepted 30/11/2021

Diogo de Carvalho Cabral, ‘Creatures of the Clearings: Deforestation, Grass-Cutting Ants, and Multispecies Landscape Change in Postcolonial Brazil’ accepted 05/01/2022

Robert G. W. Kirk, Neil Pemberton, Thibaut Serviant-Fine, ‘The Birth of Hirudiculture: Parisian Medicine, Leech Farming and the Transformation of Marshland in Nineteenth-Century France’ accepted 26/01/2022

Monica Vasile, ‘Reintroduction, Rewilding, Uncertainty: Averting the Extinction of European Bison’ accepted 26/01/2022

Neil Humphrey, ‘Working Like a Dog: Canine Labour, Technological Unemployment, and Extinction in Industrialising England’ accepted 22/2/2022

Semih Çelik, Christina Luke, Christopher H. Roosevelt, ‘Lakes and Fluid Landscapes: Environing, Wetland Management and Conservation Strategies in Western Anatolia, c. 1550–1900accepted 22/2/2022

Sue Jackson, ‘Caring for waterscapes in the Anthropocene: heritage-making at Budj Bim, Victoria, Australia’ accepted 3/3/2022


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Dipesh Chakrabarty
The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

Alison K. Smith
Cabbage and Caviar: A History of Food in Russia
Stephen V. Bittner
Whites and Reds: A History of Wine in the Lands of Tsar and Commissar

Ana Lucia Camphora
Animals and Society in Brazil from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries

Velayutham Saravanan 
Environmental History and Tribals in Modern India

Michael Chisholm
Anglo-Saxon Hydraulic Engineering in the Fens

Sander Govaerts
Armies and Ecosystems in Premodern Europe: The Meuse Region

Chris Pearson
Dogopolis: How dogs and humans made modern New York, London and Paris

Jeremy Zallen
American Lucifers: The Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750–1865

Raf de Bont 
Nature’s Diplomats: Science, Internationalism, and Preservation, 1920–1960

Alan D. Roe
Into Russian Nature: Tourism, Environmental Protection, and National Parks in the Twentieth Century

Max Liboiron
Pollution is Colonialism