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Papers are removed from this list after final publication in a specific journal issue.As there is now only a short delay between acceptance and fast track publication on ingenta we are no longer posting authors’ pre-copyediting versions on the WHP website. Authors remain free to self-archive their accepted papers.

Robert G. W. Kirk, Neil Pemberton, Thibaut Serviant-Fine, ‘The Birth of Hirudiculture: Parisian Medicine, Leech Farming and the Transformation of Marshland in Nineteenth-Century France’ accepted 26/01/2022

Monica Vasile, ‘Reintroduction, Rewilding, Uncertainty: Averting the Extinction of European Bison’ accepted 26/01/2022

Neil Humphrey, ‘Working Like a Dog: Canine Labour, Technological Unemployment, and Extinction in Industrialising England’ accepted 22/2/2022

Semih Çelik, Christina Luke, Christopher H. Roosevelt, ‘Lakes and Fluid Landscapes: Environing, Wetland Management and Conservation Strategies in Western Anatolia, c. 1550–1900accepted 22/2/2022

Sue Jackson, ‘Caring for waterscapes in the Anthropocene: heritage-making at Budj Bim, Victoria, Australia’ accepted 3/3/2022

Atte Arffman and Ante Holmila, ‘Race, Environment, and Crisis: Hurricane Camille and the Politics of Southern Segregation’ accepted 9/5/2022

R. Ashton MacFarlane, ‘Born in the Politics of Pollution: Carbon Dioxide and Climate Monitoring in New Zealand, 1968–1975’ accepted 6/6/2022

Sander Govaerts, ‘Biodiversity in the Late Middle Ages: Wild Birds in the Fourteenth-Century County of Holland’ accepted 31/8/2022

Maurice Paulissen, Roy van Beek and Edward H. Huijbens, ‘How bogs made for borderlands: the eastern Low Countries, c. 670 – c. 1900 CE’ accepted 13/9/2022

Mica Jorgenson, ‘Wild Smoke: Managing Forest Pollution in Northern British Columbia since 1950’ accepted 24/11/2022

Eline Lathouwers, Yves Segers and Gert Verstraeten, ‘Changing Course: Water Management in the Demer Valley, 1950s–1990s’ accepted 29/11/2022

Biswajit Sarmah, ‘Empire, Nature and Agrarian World: A History of Rhino Preservation in the Kaziranga Game Reserve, India (1902–1938)’ accepted 24/12/2022

John Cropper, ‘“Growing a World Wonder”: The Great Green Wall and the History of Environmental Decline in the Sahel, 1450–2022’ accepted 12/01/2023

Anna Guasco, ‘From Devil-Fish to Friendly Whale? Encountering Gray Whales on The California Coast’ accepted 13/02/2023

Fahimeh Mofrad and Maria Ignatieva, ‘From a Grassland to a Bush Capital: A Historic Review of Canberra’s Green Infrastructure Development’ accepted 2/3/2023

Santos Casado, ‘Ecology in Transition: Fernando González Bernáldez, Scientific Modernisation and Environmental Advocacy in Late Francoist Spain, 1960–1980’ accepted 6/4/2023

Elijah Doro, ‘No Body, No Crime? Vicariously Imagining Africa’s Arsenic Century: Bovines, Arsenic Poisoning and Multi-Species Toxic Histories in Southern Rhodesia (Colonial Zimbabwe), 1900–1940s’ accepted 28/4/2023

Erland Mårald, Jimmy Jönsson, Örjan Kardell, Jörgen Sjögren and Anna Tunlid, ‘An Exotic Tree in a Foreign Country: A Cultural Biography of the Lodgepole Pine in Swedenaccepted 15/5/2023

George Vlachos, ‘A Lost Macedonian Ecosystem: The Land Reclamation and Politicisation of the Philippi Marshes in Interwar Greeceaccepted 19/7/2023

Jennifer Eaglin, ‘The Water Origins of Brazil’s Nuclear Energy Infrastructure’ accepted 4/8/2023

E. de Oliveira, A.C. Sequeira, P.M. Fernandes and M.C. Colaço, ‘The Use of Vegetation Fire in Portugal: Historical Legislative and Normative Analysis’ accepted 27/9/2023


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Jennifer Bonnell and Sean Kheraj (eds)
Traces of the Animal Past: Methodological Challenges in Animal History

Martin V. Melosi
Water in North American Environmental History

Joy L. K. Pachuau and Willem van Schendel 
Entangled Lives: Human-Animal-Plant Histories of the Eastern Himalayan Triangle

Royden Loewen 
Mennonite Farmers: A Global History of Place and Sustainability 

David Moon
The American Steppes: The Unexpected Russian Roots of Great Plains Agriculture, 1870s–1930s

A. Çolak, S. Kirka and I.D. Rotherham (eds) 
Ancient Woods, Trees and Forests

Robert R. Crifasi
Western Water A to Z: The History, Nature, and Culture of a Vanishing Resource

Ranjan Chakrabarti
Climate Calamity and the Wild – An Environmental History of the Bengal Delta, c. 1737–1947

Ian M. Miller 
Fir and Empire: The Transformation of Forests in Early Modern China

John Dargavel
Anthropocene Days

Eleonor Marcussen
Acts of Aid: Politics of Relief and Reconstruction in the 1934 Bihar-Nepal Earthquake