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Heritage at War (forthcoming)

Plan and Prepare

Mark Dunkley, Lisa Mol and Anna Tulliach (eds)

Culture in Crisis

The right of access to, and enjoyment of, cultural heritage is enshrined in human rights norms and the devastating effects of armed conflict on cultural heritage are well documented, with the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage having been an integral part of warfare throughout history. Culture now, once again, finds itself on war’s frontline Marking the 70th anniversary of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, and in the current context of devastating conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza and Sudan, among others, Heritage at War – Plan and Prepare brings together military, academic,and heritage practitioners’ voices from across the Euro-Atlantic, North Africa and the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific to explore how lessons learned from past experiences of conflict can inform approaches to the safeguarding of cultural heritage today. Emerging from and building upon an international conference held at the V&A Museum in February 2023, the book addresses how the military, the heritage sector and other stakeholders in Human Security can, and must, collaborate to give primacy to people and protect tangible and intangible cultural heritage under attack. The volume’s case studies highlight interdisciplinary efforts to protect heritage in conflict zones, drawing out guidance for those working in the Heritage Sector in these contexts, with specific relevance to those engaged in cultural heritage protection and those working in related interdisciplinary fields. Reviewing the historic relationship between heritage and armed conflict, and offering lessons for present-day practitioners, Heritage at War shows how, in different contexts, heritage can be a catalyst and target of conflict, an obstacle to stabilisation, and yet also a potential vector of peace-building and the return to normality.


Mark Dunkley is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and an Associate of the Security Institute. A Field Officer in the British Army Reserve, he has published widely on the relationship between culture and warfare and is co-editor of Cultural Heritage in Modern Conflict (2023).

Anna Tulliach is a Research Fellow in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. She has published extensively on the safekeeping of museum collections during conflict, art looting and vandalism in World War II, and the museological practices adopted between the two World Wars (1921–44).

Lisa Mol is an expert in heritage stone deterioration, in particular that associated with active combat, at the University of the West of England. She leads funded projects, including ‘Heritage in the Crossfire’ and ‘Partnership for Heritage’, and supports initiatives and colleagues in conflict zones in the documentation and remediation of damage to built heritage.


Tristram Hunt, Director – Victoria and Albert Museum

Peter Stone, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace – Newcastle University

Introduction: Heritage at War – Plan and Prepare
Mark Dunkley, Anna Tulliach and Lisa Mol

Part I: Learning from the Past

1. Rome and the Second Temple: Early Imperial Roman Attitudes Toward Cultural Heritage During Armed Conflict
Kevin Malmquist

2. Lessons from the Past: Land Warfare and Cultural Heritage in World War II Italy: The Role of the MFAA
Carlotta Coccoli

3. Cultural Property Protection Issues Past and Present: Current UK Approach and Delivery
Roger Curtis and Mark Dunkley

4. Challenges and Practices for Protecting Cultural Property in Armed Conflict: A Case Study of Korea
Chang-hun Yang

5. From Scientific iIvestigation to Evidence: Investigating Armed Conflict Damage to Immovable Heritage
Lisa Mol

Part II: Preparing for the Present

6. The Hague Convention and Beyond: Cultural Property Protection in the Netherlands
Ankie Petersen

7. Peace-time Preparations for a Museum Near the Occupation Line: NGO-led Efforts
Manana Tevzadze

8. On the Art Frontline: The Experience of French Conservation Officers in Protecting Cultural Property on Operations
Tim Le Berre

9. The Role of NGOs in Rescuing and Promoting Recovery for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Bearers in Times of Crisis and War
Amira Sadik Aly

10. Culture in Crisis – Supporting the World’s Cultural Heritage and Communities that Suffer Cultural Loss through Conflict
Vernon Rapley

Publication date, 15 October 2024; 200 pp.
ISBN 978-1-912186-86-0 (HB) £65
eISBN 978-1-912186-87-7 (eBook)

J. Pop.Sus. Vol.8 No.1

Public Understanding, Conflict and Power in the Population and Sustainability Nexus David Samways

Public Opinions about Causes of Declining Fertility in Developing Countries: Differences among Citizens in Sweden and Nigeria Frank Götmark, Nordhild Wetzler

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Worldwide Waste Vol.7 No.1 (2024)

This is a rolling issue in which no articles have yet been published. As and when new articles are published during 2024, we will add them to this listing.

Worldwide Waste Vol.6 No.1 (2023)

Confronting the Uncertainties Associated with Long-Time Scales: Analysis of the Modes of Preservation of Memory of Radioactive Waste Burial Sites Simon Calla, Christian Guinchard, Alexandre Moine, Nanta Novello-Paglianti, Laure Nuninger, Laetitia Ogorzelec-Guinchard

People in the Streets of Paris: ‘A Matter Out of Place’? Elen Riot

Preserving Offerings, Prolonging Merit: Efficacy, Skillful Means, and Re-purposing in Plastic Buddhist Material Culture in Contemporary Sikkim Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa

Waste for the Soviet Economy: Recycling of Rags in Ukraine in the 1920s Tetiana Perga

On the (In)visibility of Practices: Opportunities for the Promotion of Household Waste-Segregation in Western Switzerland Rolande Christelle Makamté Kakeu-Tardy, Hannah Howarth, Marlyne Sahakian, René Véro

Worldwide Waste Vol.5 No.1 (2022)

Plastic in Lake Titicaca: Tourism and Management of Non-Biodegradable Waste in the Andes Jordi Gascón

Standards and Waste: Valuing Food Waste in Consumer Markets Nadine Arnold

Joining Multiple Collaborations: Toward a Sociomaterial Perspective on Nuclear Waste Management between Society, Technology and Nature Christiane Schürkmann

Waste in Zero-Waste Households: The Power of Materials and Norms in Everyday Consumption Mallory Xinyu Zhan

Reshuffling Responsibility: Waste, Environmental Justice and Urban Citizenship in Cambodia Kathrin Eitel

Worldwide Waste Vol.4 No.1 (2021)

Introduction to Special Collection: Social Science and the Social Life of Plastic Brigitte Steger, Patrick O’hare, Teresa Sandra Perez

Problematising Plastic: A Visual Analysis of the ‘Jute not Plastic’ Campaign, 1976–1979 (Switzerland, Germany, Austria) Charlotte Bruns, Matthias Sommer

‘Drinking and Dropping’: On Interacting with Plastic Pollution and Waste in South-Eastern Nigeria Lesley Henderson, Emeka Dumbili

Cambridge, Carnaval, and the ‘Actually Existing Circularity’ of Plastics Patrick O’Hare

‘Stingy, Stingy, Stingy Government’: Mixed Responses to the Introduction of the Plastic Carrier Bag Levy in Japan Brigitte Steger

Piles of Plastic on Darkening Himalayan Peaks: Changing Cosmopolitics of ‘Pollution’ in Limi, Western Nepal Hildegard Diemberger, Samanta Skrivere

Plastic Mut(e)ability: Limited Promises of Plasticity Tridibesh Dey

Recycling Food Waste: An Investigation into the Delicate Process of Bio-waste Valuation François-Joseph Daniel, Marion Martin

The Discursive Power of Recycling: Valuing Plastic Waste in Cape Town Teresa Sandra Perez

Worldwide Waste Vol.3 No.1 (2020)

Editorial Introduction to the Special Collection ‘Dirty Places, Geographies of Waste’ Jaime Moreno-Tejada

A Deal over Dirt: From a German–German Bargain to the Creation of an Environmental Problem in the 1980s Sophie Lange

Secrecy at the End of the Recycling Chain: The Recycling of Plastic Waste in Surabaya, Indonesia Freek Colombijn

‘We Are Already Sick’: Infectious Waste Management and Inequality in the Time of Covid-19, a Reflection from Blantyre, Malawi Elizabeth Tilley, Marc Kalina

Cultural Origins of Japan’s Premodern Night Soil Collection System Marta E. Szczygiel

Shifting Definitions of Hazardous Wastes Craig Colten

Waste Pickers at the Heart of the Circular Economy: A Perspective of Inclusive Recycling from the Global South Jutta Gutberlet, Sebastián Carenzo

The Fluid Geography of Rubbish: An Analysis of the Patras Refugee Camp (1999–2009) Sotiris Lycourghiotis

Scarecrows and Scapegoats: The Futility and Power of Cleaning a Landscape Khalil Avi Betz-Heinemann, Joseph Tzanopoulos

Worldwide Waste Vol.2 No.1 (2019)

On Materiality and Meaning: Ethnographic Engagements with Reuse, Repair & Care Cindy Isenhour, Joshua Reno

Editorial Introduction to the Special Collection ‘Development of Waste – Development as Waste’ Iris Borowy

Building Castles out of Debris: Reuse Interior Design as a ‘Design of the Concrete’ Staffan Appelgren

‘It will Keep Circulating’: Loving and Letting Go of Things in Swedish Second-hand Markets Anna Bohlin

Reminiscence and Recompense: Reuse and the Garage Sale Gretchen M. Herrmann

Electronic Life Histories: At Home with E-waste Waste Materialities and Meaning Shannon Mcmullen, Laura Zanotti, H. Kory Cooper

Rummaging through the Attic of New England Brieanne Berry, Jennifer Bonnet, Cindy Isenhour

The Spectre of Superbugs: Waste, Structural Violence and Antimicrobial Resistance in India Assa Doron, Alex Broom

A Materially Contextualised Account of Waste Pickers’ Marginalisation in Brazil: The Case of ‘Rubbish PET’ Tatianna Mello Pereira Da Silva

In the Name of Circularity: Environmental Improvement and Business Slowdown in a Chinese Recycling Hub Yvan Schulz, Anna Lora-Wainwright

The Struggle for Sustainable Waste Management in Hong Kong: 1950s–2010s Nele Fabian, Loretta Ieng Tak Lou

Hazardous Waste: The Beginning of International Organizations Addressing a Growing Global Challenge in the 1970s Iris Borowy

J. Pop.Sus. Vol.7 No.2

Vulnerable Populations: The Role of Population Dynamics in Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation in Africa

Vulnerable Populations: The Role of Population Dynamics in Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation in Africa David Samways

How Can African Countries Address Climate Change Problems and Optimise Demographic Dividends for Socioeconomic Development? Sunday A. Adedini, Olumide Taiwo, Oluwole Smile, Olasunkanmi Ajala, Sijuwade Ojuko-Aladejana, Paul Akeni

Socio-Environmental and Physical Factors of Flood Risk in African Cities: An Analysis of Vulnerabilities in Two Contrasting Neighbourhoods in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire Stéphanie Dos Santos, Abdul Wahab Karamoko, Attoumane Artadji, Eric-Pascal Zahiri

How Can Girls’ Education and Family Planning Improve Community Resilience to Climate Change in the Sahel? Paige Passano, Min Ah Choi, Matt Matusiewicz

Population dynamics, urbanisation and climate change in Africa’s intermediate cities: what can family planning contribute? Sunday A. Adedini