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This page lists RESEARCH ARTICLES and BOOK REVIEWS that will be published in future issues of Environmental Values


Hyperlinks give access to abstracts and full text of Fast Track papers published on ingentaConnect. The final print version will be identical, apart from page numbering and identification of the journal issue in which it is published.

Fast Track articles should be cited using the DOI in the following form:
Smith, J. 2018. Article title, Environmental Values Fast Track, DOI xxxxxxxx.

Papers are removed from this list after final publication in a specific journal issue. As there is now only a short delay between acceptance and fast track publication on ingenta we are no longer posting authors’ pre-copyediting versions on the WHP website. Authors remain free to self-archive their accepted papers.

Bryan Norton, Daniel Michael Sanbeg, ‘Relational Values: A Unifying Idea in Environmental Ethics and Evaluation?’ accepted 29/06/2020

Anna Deplazes Zemp, Mollie Anne Chapman, ‘The A, B, C’s of relational values: Environmental values that combine elements of both intrinsic and instrumental valuation’ accepted 08/07/2020

Gustavo Ruiz Chiesa, Luz Gonçalves Brito, ‘Learning to walk with turtles: steps towards a sacred perception of the environment’ accepted 03/08/2020

Nicholas Bardsley, Graziano Ceddia, Rachel McCloy, Simone Pfuderer ‘Why economic valuation does not value the environment: Climate policy as collective endeavour’ accepted 17/08/2020

Daniel Edward Callies and Yasha Rohwer, ‘Intentional species extinction: The value of and case against Anopheles gambiae accepted 04/09/2020

Juha Hiedanpää, Jani Pellikka ‘ Homecoming without nostalgia: Local communities and the reintroduction of the Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus Fennicus) in Finland’ accepted 09/09/2020

Norman Dandy, Emily Porth ‘ The Eclosion of Forest and Tree Health Stakeholdership’ accepted 02/10/2020

Andre Santos Campos, Sofia Guedes Vaz ‘Justificatory Moral Pluralism: A Novel Form of Environmental Pragmatism’ accepted 20/10/2020

Emily Brady, ‘Global Climate Change and Aesthetics’ accepted 3/11/2020

Connor Kayhan Kianpour and Eze Paez, ‘Red in Tooth and Claw No More: Animal Rights and the Permissibility to Redesign Nature’ accepted 6/11/2020

Madalina Diaconu,  ‘Rescaling the Weather Experience, From an Object of Aesthetics to a Matter of Concern’ accepted 6/11/2020

Marcello Di Paola and Serena Ciccarelli, ‘The Disorienting Aesthetics of Mashed-Up Anthropocene Environments’ accepted 28/11/2020

Ryan Plummer, Julia Baird, Gillian Dale ‘What makes an environmental steward? An individual differences approach accepted 13/01/2021

Amanda Elizabeth Rooney, Helen Vallianatos ‘Evidence of Degrowth Values in Food Justice in a Northern Canadian Municipality’ accepted 26/01/2021

Christophe Gilliand, ‘Experiencing Values in the flow of Events: a Phenomenological Approach to Relational Values’ accepted 05/02/2021

Urszula Lisowska, ‘Heterotopia as an Environmental and Political Concept – the Case of Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy’ accepted 9/2/2021

Pelayo Benavides, Julián Caviedes, ‘Unnatural Pumas and Domestic Foxes: Relations with Protected Predators and Conspirational Rumours in Southern Chile’ accepted 09/3/2021

Jukka Mikkonen, ‘Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature and the Global Environmental Crisis’ accepted 22/3/2021

Yogi Hendlin, ‘Plant Philosophy and Interpretation: Making sense of contemporary plant intelligence debates’ accepted 22/3/2021

Simin Fadaee, Benjamin Habib, ‘Permaculture and Sustainability Transition: A Global Community of Practice’ accepted 23/4/2021

Natalie Herdoiza, Ernst Worrell, Floris van den Berg, ‘The Expanding Moral Circle as a Framework Towards Food Sustainability ’ accepted 20/05/2021

Megs S. Gendreau, ‘Valuing Out of Context’ accepted 22/5/2021

Joel J. Kassiola, Zhang Zai’s Cosmology of Qi/qi and the Refutation of Arrogant Anthropocentrism: Confucian Green Theory Illustrated accepted 21/06/2021

Tommi Lehtonen, Pasi Heikkurinen, ‘Sufficiency and Sustainability: Conceptual Analysis and Ethical Considerations for Sustainable Organisation’ accepted 09/07/2021

Christina W Lopez, Russell C Weaver, ‘Toward a “First Law of Environmental Stewardship”: How organisations bring volunteers together in social and geographic space’ accepted 03/08/2021

Danièle Magda, Claire Lamine, Jean-Paul Billaud, ‘Considering the diverse views of ecologisation in the agrifood transition. An analysis based on human’s relationships with nature’ accepted 05/08/2021

Leonard Creutzburg, ‘Growing Trees for a Post-Growth Society: A Degrowth Approach to Switzerland’s Forest Sector’ accepted 06/08/2021

Virginia Thomas, ‘Domesticating rewilding: interpreting rewilding in England’s green and pleasant land’ accepted 06/08/2021

BOOK REVIEWS forthcoming in EV

During production and pre-press, errors may be discovered which could affect the content. The final version will be published on ingentaConnect with correct page numbers and DOI.

Vladimir Bibikhin
The Woods

Robin Attfield
Environmental Thought: A Short History

Sing C. Chew
Ecology, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality: Life in the Digital Dark Ages