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This page lists RESEARCH ARTICLES and BOOK REVIEWS that will be published in future issues of Environmental Values


For most papers, hyperlinks give access to abstracts and full text of Fast Track papers published previously by White Horse Press on ingentaConnect. In these cases, the final print version will be identical, apart from page numbering and identification of the journal issue in which it is published.

For a small number of very recent papers now being published by SAGE, who will take over publication of the journal from 2024, the hyperlink leads to an ‘author-accepted’ version of the paper (not typeset, no DOI assigned). This is an interim measure to accelerate publication while we transition technical systems from WHP to SAGE; these papers will be published by SAGE online-first in their finished form later in 2023.

Fast Track articles on ingenta should be cited using the DOI in the following form:
Smith, J. 2018. Article title, Environmental Values Fast Track, DOI xxxxxxxx.

Papers are removed from this list after final publication in a specific journal issue. As of Summer 2023, White Horse Press will not publish any additional fast track articles; all forthcoming articles not scheduled for inclusion in a 2023 issue will be published by SAGE and listed here temporarily. Papers scheduled for inclusion in a Special Issue are not normally pre-published. Authors remain free to self-archive their accepted papers.

Ely Mattos, Camila Toigo and Neil Ravenscroft, ‘The role of contextual values in the formation of ecological behaviours’ accepted 2/9/2022

Iana Nesterova, ‘Being of deep transformations: A personal journey inspired by Clive L. Spash’ accepted 29/8/2022

Kira Meyer, ‘Normative Implications of Ecophenomenology: Towards a deep anthropo-related environmental ethics’ accepted 8/4/2023

Simon P. James, ‘Rarity and Endangerment: Why Do They Matter?’ accepted 24/32023

Stelu Serban, ‘Slow ecology. Local knowledge and natural restoration on the Lower Danube’ accepted 26/3/2023

Rachelle Gould, Austin Himes, Paola Arias Arévalo, Marc Tadaki, Barbara Muraca, Lea Anderson, Dominic Lenzi and Mollie Chapman, ‘Relational values as a response to critiques of market-based environmental valuation’ accepted 14/3/2023

Benedikt Schmid and Iana Nesterova, ‘Unearthing intentionality: Building transformative capacity by reclaiming consciousness’ accepted 20/4/2023

Jennie Stephens, ‘The Dangers of Male-Dominated Technological Optimism: Why feminist, antiracist values are essential for climate justice’ accepted 27/3/2023

Susan Paulson, ‘World-making technology entangled with coloniality, racialization, and gender’ accepted 27/3/2023

Andoni Alonso, ‘The City of God Revisited: Digitalism as a New Technological Religion’ accepted 27/3/2023

Alf Hornborg, ‘Technologies as strategies for redistributing time and space: A metacritique of modern civilisation’ accepted 27/3/2023

Oliver Harrison, ‘The “Civic-transformative” Value of Urban Street Trees’ accepted 9/5/2023

Brigitte Nerlich and Rusi Jaspal, ‘Mud, Metaphors and Politics’ accepted 28/4/2023

Ted Trainer, ‘On Degrowth Strategy: The Simpler Way Perspective’ accepted 3/8/2023

Adrian Almazan, ‘Non-neutrality of Technics and the Terricide’ accepted 27/6/2023

Lina Isacs, Cecilia Håkansson, Therese Lindahl and Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling, ‘I didn’t count WTP as part of the value’ accepted 18/8/2023

Claudia Carter, ‘Reconnecting with the social-political and ecological-economic reality’ accepted 3/8/2023

Jeroen Hopster, Alessio Gerola, Ben Hofbauer, Guido Löhr, Julia Rijssenbeek and Paulan Korenhof, ‘Who owns ‘Nature’?’ accepted 21/7/2023

BOOK REVIEWS forthcoming in EV

During production and pre-press, errors may be discovered which could affect the content. The final version will be published on ingentaConnect with correct page numbers and DOI.

Kyle Johannsen
Wild Animal Ethics: The Moral and Political Problem of Wild Animal Suffering

Sam Moore and Alex Roberts
The Rise of Ecofascism: Climate Change and the Far Right