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Environmental Values themes

This page lists articles published in the past 5 years, grouped loosely into the following ‘themes’:












Editorial: Tackling Climate Change, Breaking the Frame of Modernity. Clive L. Spash

Meeting the Targets or Re-Imagining Society? An Empirical Study into the Ethical Landscape of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Scotland. Leslie Mabon and Simon Shackley

Carbon Leakage and the Argument from No Difference. Matthew Rendall

Editorial: Climate of Arrogance, Disengagement and Injustice Simon Hailwood

Is it Arrogant to Deny Climate Change or is it Arrogant to Say it is Arrogant? Understanding Arrogance and Cultivating Humility in Climate Change Discourse and Education. Matt Ferkany

Stability and Change in British Public Discourses about Climate Change between 1997 and 2010. Stuart Capstick, Nicholas Pidgeon and Karen Henwood

Political Ambiguity in Chinese Climate Change Discourses. Alex Y. Lo

Impure Procedural Justice in Climate Governance Systems. Marco Grasso and Simona Sacchi

Managing Climate Change: Shifting Roles for NGOs in the Climate Negotiations. Chandra Lal Pandey

Editorial: The Ethics of Engineering the Climate. Christian Baatz, Clare Heyward and Harald Stelzer

The New Prometheans: Technological Optimism in Climate Change Mitigation Modelling.Michael Keary

Can We Have It Both Ways? On Potential Trade-Offs Between Mitigation and Solar Radiation Management. Christian Baatz

Aerosol Geoengineering Deployment and Fairness. Toby Svoboda

How Much Risk Ought We to Take? Exploring the Possibilities of Risk-Sensitive Consequentialism in the Context of Climate Engineering. Harald Stelzer and Fabian Schuppert

Climate Engineering and the Cessation Requirement: The Ethics of a Life-Cycle . Christopher J. Preston

The Implications of Psychological Limitations for the Ethics of Climate Change. T.J. Kasperbauer

People and Planet: Values, Motivations and Formative Influences of Individuals Acting to Mitigate Climate Change.Rachel Howell, Simon Allen

Game Theory and the Self-Fulfilling Climate Tragedy. Matthew Kopec

Fairness in Allocating the Global Emissions Budget.David R. Morrow

Sharing Responsibility for Divesting from Fossil Fuels. Eric S. Godoy

Skewed Vulnerabilities and Moral Corruption in Global Perspectives on Climate Engineering. Wylie Carr, Christopher J. Preston

Who Should Pay for Climate Adaptation? Public Attitudes and the Financing of Flood Protection in Florida. Samuel Merrill, Jack Kartez, Karen Langbehn, Frank Muller-Karger, Catherine J. Reynolds

Spatial Framing, Existing Associations and Climate Change Beliefs. Adrian Brügger, Nicholas F. Pidgeon

How Demanding is Our Climate Duty? An Application of the No-Harm Principle to Individual Emissions. Augustin Fragnière

A Responsibility to Revolt? Climate Ethics in the Real World. Dan Boscov-Ellen

A Moral Analysis of Carbon Majors' Role in Climate Change. Marco Grasso, Katia Vladimirova

Incumbency, Trust and the Monsanto Effect: Stakeholder Discourses on Greenhouse Gas Removal. Emily Cox, Elspeth Spence, Nick Pidgeon


Editorial: The Dying Planet Index: Life, Death and Man’s Domination of Nature. Clive L. Spash

Governance and Images: Representations of Certified Southern Producers in High-Quality Design Markets. Anja Nygren

Segmentation of Green Product Buyers Based on Their Personal Values and Consumption Values. Seda Yıldırım and Burcu Candan

Eco-Sufficiency and Distributive Sufficientarianism - Friends or Foes? Philipp Kanschik

Coping with the Horizontal Hitch: The 'Con-Formism' of the Degrowth Alternative. Onofrio Romano

Liberalism and Economic Growth: A Theoretical Exploration. Peter Ferguson

Acceptance of a Payment for Ecosystem Services Scheme: The Decisive Influence of Collective Action. Jean-Pierre Del Corso, Thi Dieu Phuong Geneviève Nguyen, Charilaos Kephaliacos

Editorial: Environmentalism and Democracy in the Age of Nationalism and Corporate Capitalism. Clive L. Spash

The Green Economy: Pragmatism or Revolution? Perceptions of Young Researchers on Social Ecological Transformation.Dalia D'Amato, Nils Droste, Sander Chan, Anton Hofer

Widening the Evaluative Space for Ecosystem Services: A Taxonomy of Plural Values and Valuation Methods. Paola Arias-Arévalo, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Berta Martín-López, Mario Pérez-Rincón

The Degrowth Spectrum: Convergence and Divergence Within a Diverse and Conflictual Alliance. Dennis Eversberg, Matthias Schmelzer

Editorial: Knowing Your Audience: Exploring the Latent Attitudes and Values of Environmental Stakeholders. Ewan J. Woodley

Editorial: The Revolution will not be Corporatised! Clive L. Spash

Editorial: Days of Decision. Clive L. Spash

How Far is Degrowth a Really Revolutionary Counter Movement to Neoliberalism? Dorothea Elena Schoppek

The Spiralling Economy: Connecting Marxian Theory with Ecological Economics. Crelis Rammelt


Editorial: Denial and Despair? Claudia Carter

Community Resilience and Social Memory. Geoff A. Wilson

Reframing Problems of Incommensurability in Environmental Conflicts Through Pragmatic Sociology: From Value Pluralism to the Plurality of Modes of Engagement with the Environment. Laura Centemeri

Guilt and Elation in the Workplace: Emotion and the Governance of the Environment at Work. Rebecca Whittle

One Thousand Good Things in Nature: Aspects of Nearby Nature Associated with Improved Connection to Nature. Miles Richardson, Jenny Hallam and Ryan Lumber

'It Helped Me Sort of Face the End of the World': The Role of Emotions for Third Sector Climate Change Engagement Initiatives. Milena Büchs, Emma Hinton and Graham Smith

In Search of Arcadia: Agrarian Values and the Homesteading Tradition in the Ozarks, USA. Brian C. Campbell

Editorial: Social Ecological Transformation and the Individual. Clive L. Spash

Invested in Unsustainability? On the Psychosocial Patterning of Engagement in Practices. Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Fiona Shirani, Catherine Butler, Karen Parkhill and Nick Pidgeon

Editorial: Faults of Our Rationality? Claudia Carter

The Relationship between Value Types and Environmental Behaviour in Four Countries: Universalism, Benevolence, Conformity and Biospheric Values Revisited. Tally Katz-Gerro, Itay Greenspan, Femida Handy, Hoon-Young Lee

Human-Nature Relationships and Linkages to Environmental Behaviour. Michael Thomas Braito, Kerstin Böck, Courtney Flint, Andreas Muhar, Susanne Muhar, Marianne Penker

The Green Economy: Pragmatism or Revolution? Perceptions of Young Researchers on Social Ecological Transformation.Dalia D'Amato, Nils Droste, Sander Chan, Anton Hofer

Don't Put All Your Speech-Acts in One Basket: Situating Animal Activism in the Deliberative System. Lucy J. Parry

The Politics of Justification: Newspaper Representations of Environmental Conflict between Fishers and the Oil Industry in Mexico. Liina-Maija Quist, Pia Rinne

Framing a 'Climate Change Frontier': International News Media Coverage Surrounding Natural Resource Development in Greenland. William Davies, Samuel Wright, James Van Alstine

Ableism and Disablism in the UK Environmental Movement. Deborah Fenney

What is Wrong with Nimbys? Renewable Energy, Landscape Impacts and Incommensurable Values. Anne Schwenkenbecher

Editorial: Assimilation, Blind Spots and Coproduced Crises. Claudia Carter

Self-Identity and Sense of Place: Some Thoughts Regarding Climate Change Adaptation Policy Formulation. Charles N. Herrick

Engaging with Climate Change: Comparing the Cultures of Science and Activism.Paul Hoggett, Rosemary Randall

Ubuntu and Ecofeminism: Value-Building with African and Womanist Voices. Inge Konik

Green Faith? The Role of Faith-Based Actors in Global Sustainable Development Discourse. Katharina Glaab, Doris Fuchs

Editorial: Focusing on Relational Matters to Overcome Duality. Claudia Carter

Editorial: Behaviour, Lockdown and the Natural World. Norman Dandy

Ecology, Community and Food Sovereignty: What's in a Word?. Jade Monaghan, Mick Smith

A Cultural Account of Ecological Democracy. Marit Hammond

The 'Park' as Racial Practice: Constructing Whiteness on Safari in Tanzania.Cassie M. Hays

Labour's Hidden Soul: Religion at the Intersection of Labour and the Environment. David Uzzell, Nora Räthzel

Materialism, Awareness of Environmental Consequences and Environmental Philanthropic Behaviour Among Potential Donors. Piia Lundberg, Annukka Vainio, Ann Ojala, Anni Arponen

Towards a Process Epistemology for the Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems. Maria Mancilla Garcia, Tilman Hertz, Maja Schlüter

Global Convergence and National Disparities in the Structure of Environmental Attitudes and Their Linkage to Pro-Environmental Behaviours. Hui-Ju Kuo, Yang-chih Fu


Virtues for the Anthropocene. Marcello di Paola

The Land Aesthetic, Holmes Rolston's Insight. Maria José Varandas

Landscape Democracy, Three Sets of Values, and the Connoisseur Method.Finn Arler and Helena Mellqvist

Editorial: Negotiating the Value of Values. Piers H.G. Stephens

The Trouble with Environmental ValuesSimon P. James

Moral-Material Ontologies of Nature Conservation: Exploring the Discord Between Ecological Restoration and Novel Ecosystems.Mick Lennon

Environmental Aesthetics and Rewilding. Jonathan Prior, Emily Brady

Relativism, Ambiguity and the Environmental Virtues. Dominic Lenzi

Value Pluralism and Consistency Maximisation in the Writings of Aldo Leopold: Moving Beyond Callicott's Interpretations of the Land Ethic.Ben Dixon

Phenomenology and Teleology: Hans Jonas's Philosophy of Life. Lewis Coyne

Hundertwasser - Inspiration for Environmental Ethics: Reformulating the Ecological Self. Nir Barak

Nature, Engagement, Empathy: Yijing as a Chinese Ecological Aesthetics. Qi Li, John Ryan

Editorial: Reversing Environmental Degradation: Justice, Fairness, Responsibility and Meaning. Simon Hailwood

Editorial: Varieties of Non-Anthropocentricism: Duty, Beauty, Knowledge and Reality. Marion Hourdequin

Are Poplar Plantations Really Beautiful? On Allen Carlson's Aesthetics of Agricultural Landscapes and Environmentalism. Fernando Arribas Herguedas

Editorial: Questions of Knowledge and Non-Knowledge Marion Hourdequin

Gratitude to Nature. Tony Manela

How to Deal with Hybrids in the Anthropocene? Towards a Philosophy of Technology and Environmental Philosophy 2.0. Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj, Vincent Blok

Should Environmental Ethicists Fear Moral Anti-Realism? Anne Schwenkenbecher, Michael Rubin

Movement, Wildness and Animal Aesthetics. Tom Greaves

When the Grass Sings: Poetic Reason and Animal Writing. Isabel Balza

The Reification of Non-Human Nature. Teea Kortetmäki

To Assist or Not to Assist? Assessing the Potential Moral Costs of Humanitarian Intervention in Nature. Kyle Johannsen

Mapping Moral Pluralism in Behavioural Spillovers: A Cross-Disciplinary Account of the Multiple Ways in Which We Engage in Moral Valuing. Michael Vincent, Ann-Kathrin Koessler

Everyday Life Ecologies: Crisis, Transitions and the Aesth-Etics of Desire. Alice Dal Gobbo

Gratitude and Alterity in Environmental Virtue Ethics. Nathan Wood


Editorial: Depending on Something Bigger. Simon Hailwood

Paradigm Dressed as Epoch: The Ideology of the Anthropocene.Jeremy Baskin

Nature Advocacy and the Indigenous Symbol. Mihnea Tanasescu

A Conceptual Framework to Enable the Changes Required for a One-Planet Future. Maria Honig, Samantha Petersen, Tom Herbstein, Saul Roux, Deon Nel and Clifford Shearing

How to Get Out of the Multiple Crisis? Contours of a Critical Theory of Social-Ecological Transformation. Ulrich Brand

Deep Ecology, the Holistic Critique of Enlightenment Dualism, and the Irony of History. Andy Scerri

Editorial: A Diversity of Imaginaries. Simon Hailwood

Editorial: Beyond the Anthropocene: Perspectives on Human-Nature Relations, Old and New. Marion Hourdequin

Speaking About Weeds: Indigenous Elders' Metaphors for Invasive Species and Their Management. Thomas Michael Bach, Brendon M.H. Larson

Reframing Tacit Human-Nature Relations: An Inquiry into Process Philosophy and the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi. Roope Oskari Kaaronen

Editorial: Grounding Words and Flights of Imagination. Tom Greaves

Editorial: Can Imitating Nature Save the Planet? Henry Dicks and Vincent Blok

In Search of Allies for Postnatural Environmentalism, or Revisiting an Ecophilosophical Reading of Heidegger. Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj

Engaging the Imagination: 'New Nature Writing', Collective Politics and the Environmental Crisis. Kate Oakley, Jonathan Ward, Ian Christie

Democracy and Agonism in the Anthropocene: The Challenges of Knowledge, Time and Boundary. Amanda Machin

Should Naturalists Believe in the Anthropocene? Morgan C. Tait

What is Mimicked by Biomimicry? Synthetic Cells as Exemplifications of the Threefold Biomimicry Paradox. Hub Zwart

Biomimicry and the Problem of Praxis. Freya Mathews

Being Like Gaia: Biomimicry and Ecological Ethics. Henry Dicks

Uncomplicating the Idea of Wilderness. Joshua S. Duclos

A Fresh Look at 'Relational' Values in Nature: Distinctions Derived from the Debate on Meaningfulness in Life. Stijn Neuteleers


Contesting Death: Conservation, Heritage and Pig Killing in Far North Queensland, Australia. Carla Meurk

Animals, Relations, and the Laissez-Faire Intuition. Trevor Hedberg

Human and Non-Human Migration: Understanding Species Introduction and Translocation through Migration Ethics. David Switzer and Nicole Frances Angeli

Moral Relevance of Range and Naturalness in Assisted Migration. Helena Siipi and Marko Ahteensuu

Animal Kingdoms: On Habitat Rights for Wild Animals. Steve Cooke

Are There Infinite Welfare Differences among Living Things?. John Nolt

Representing Non-Human Interests. Alfonso Donoso

Nonhuman Animals as Property Holders: An Exploration of the Lockean Labour-Mixing Account. Josh Milburn

Killing in Self-Defence and the Case for Biocentric Individualism.Jake Monaghan

A Duty to Cognitively Enhance Animals. Yasha Rohwer

Editorial: The Ethics of Human Intervention on Behalf of 'Others'. Claudia Carter

Nonideal Ethics and Arguments against Eating Animals. Bob Fischer

How Knowledge of the Golden Jackal (Canis aureus) is Formed: Report from the Danube Delta. Mihnea Tănăsescu, Ștefan Constantinescu

Atheism in the American Animal Rights Movement: An Invisible Majority. Corey Lee Wrenn

The Wild in Fire: Human Aid to Wildlife in the Disasters of the Anthropocene. Andrew McCumber, Zachary King

Urban Greening and Human-Wildlife Relations in Philadelphia: From Animal Control to Multispecies Coexistence?. Christian Hunold


Editorial: Democratic and Practical Engagements with Environmental Values. Alex Loftus

Pushing the Radical Nature Development Policy Concept in the Netherlands: An Agency Perspective. Simon Verduijn, Huub Ploegmakers, Sander Meijerink and Pieter Leroy

Should Ecological Citizenship Advocates Praise the Green State?. Carme Melo-Escrihuela

Rejecting Eco-Authoritarianism, Again. Dan Coby Shahar

Governance and Images: Representations of Certified Southern Producers in High-Quality Design Markets. Anja Nygren

Representing Global Public Concern: A Critical Analysis of the Danish Participatory Experiment on Climate Change. Gwendolyn Blue

Bio-, Agro- or even Social Fuels: Discourse Dynamics on Biofuels in Germany. Kirsten Selbmann

Policy Decisions on Shale Gas Development ('Fracking'): The Insufficiency of Science and Necessity of Moral Thought. Darrick Trent Evensen

The Building of a Dam: Value Conflicts in Public Decision-Making. Ana Costa, José Castro Caldas, Ricardo Coelho, Maria de Fátima Ferreiro and Vasco Gonçalves

Addressing the Practical and Ethical Issues of Nudging in Environmental Policy. Janne I. Hukkinen

Editorial: Questioning Socio-Ecological Transformations. Alex Loftus

Regime Learning in Global Environmental Governance. Bernd Hackmann

Environmental Injustice, Political Agency and the Challenge of Creating Healthier Communities. Megs S. Gendreau

The Problem of Inclusion in Deliberative Environmental Valuation. Andrés Vargas, Alex Lo, Michael Howes, Nicholas Rohde

Editorial: Conflict and Resolution. Simon P. James

The Naturalisation of Growth: Marx, the Regulation Approach and Bourdieu.Max Koch

Editorial: Facing the Truth or Living a Lie: Conformity, Radicalism and Activism. Clive L. Spash

Editorial: Pathways to Policy and Management: Knowledge, Process and Venue. Norman Dandy

Editorial: Reconciling Ecological and Democratic Values: Recent Perspectives on Ecological Democracy. David Schlosberg, Karin Bäckstrand and Jonathan Pickering

Unsettling Reconciliation: Decolonial Methods for Transforming Social-Ecological Systems. Esme G. Murdock

Decolonising Dignity for Inclusive Democracy.Christine J. Winter

Ecological Democracy, Just Transitions and a Political Ecology of Design. Damian F. White

Towards a New Ecological Democracy: A Critical Evaluation of the Deliberation Paradigm Within Green Political Theory. Matthew Lepori

Unravelling Reasons for the Non-Establishment of Protected Areas: Justification Regimes and Principles of Worth in a Swiss National Park Project. Annina Helena Michel, Norman Backhaus

Environments Past: Nostalgia in Environmental Policy and Governance. Jordan P. Howell, Jennifer Kitson, David Clowney

Disturbed Earth: Conceptions of the Deep Underground in Shale Extraction Deliberations in the US and UK. Tristan Partridge, Merryn Thomas, Nick Pidgeon, Barbara Harthorn

Is Nonanthropocentrism Anti-Democratic? Mark Alan Michael

In the Name of Science and Technology: The Post-Political Environmental Debate and the Taranto Steel Plant (Italy). Lidia Greco, Francesco Bagnardi


Should Biodiversity be Useful? Scope and Limits of Ecosystem Services as an Argument for Biodiversity Conservation. Glenn Deliège and Stijn Neuteleers

Ethical Motivations and the Phenomenon of Disappointment in Two Types of Environmental Movements: Neo-Environmentalism and the Dark Mountain Project. Hana Librová and Vojtěch Pelikán

Editorial: Letting Nature Take its Course. Simon P. James

Future Directions for Conservation. Jozef Keulartz

Contact! Contact! Nature Preservation as the Preservation of Meaning. Glenn Deliège

Governance, Participation and Local Perceptions of Protected Areas: Unwinding Traumatic Nature in the Blouberg Mountain Range.Natasha Louise Constant, Sandra Bell

Editorial: Rewilding in Cultural Layered Landscapes. Martin Drenthen

The Many Meanings of Rewilding: An Introduction and the Case for a Broad Conceptualisation. Andrea R. Gammon

New Nature in Old Landscapes: Some Dutch Examples of the Relation Between History, Heritage and Ecological Restoration.Hans Renes

Abandoning or Reimagining a Cultural Heartland? Understanding and Responding to Rewilding Conflicts in Wales - the Case of the Cambrian Wildwood. Sophie Wynne-Jones, Graham Strouts, George Holmes

Rewilding in Layered Landscapes as a Challenge to Place Identity. Martin Drenthen

Restoring or Re-storying the Lake District: Applying Responsive Cohesion to a Current Problem Situation. Isis Brook

Participation(s) in Transnational Environmental Governance: Green Values Versus Instrumental Use. Ayşem Mert

The Values of Sacred Swamps: Belief-Based Nature Conservation in a Secular World. Narasimha Hegde, Rafael Ziegler, Hans Joosten


Naturalness or Biodiversity: Negotiating the Dilemma of Intervention in Swedish Protected Area Management. Anders Steinwall

The Fundamental Role of Large-Scale Trust Building in Natural Resource Management. Karni Marcus

Governing Household Waste Management: An Empirical Analysis and Critique. Scott Cameron Lougheed, Myra J. Hird and Kerry R. Rowe

Geographers Versus Managers: Expert Influence on the Construction of Values Underlying Flood Insurance in the United States. Emmy Bergsma

Equity and ITQs: About Fair Distribution in Quota Management Systems in Fisheries. Ralf Doering, Leyre Goti, Lorena Fricke, Katharina Jantzen

Editorial: Knowledge, Expertise and Engagement. Stewart Barr

A Teleological Approach to the Wicked Problem of Managing Utría National Park . Nicolás Acosta García, Katharine N. Farrell, Hannu I. Heikkinen, Simo Sarkki

Texturing Waste: Attachment and Identity in Every-Day Consumption and Waste Practices. Gareth Thomas, Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Nick Pidgeon

Non-Epistemic Values in Adaptive Management: Framing Possibilities in the Legal Context of Endangered Columbia River Salmon. Shana Lee Hirsch, Jerrold Long

Avoiding the Invasive Trap: Policies for Aquatic Non-Indigenous Plant Management. Paul Radomski, Donna Perleberg

Pathways from Environmental Ethics to Pro-Environmental Behaviours? Insights from Psychology. Chelsea Batavia, Jeremy T. Bruskotter, Michael Paul Nelson


The Virtues of Acknowledged Ecological Dependence: Sustainability, Autonomy and Human Flourishing.Mike Hannis

The Capabilities Approach and Environmental Sustainability: The Case for Functioning Constraints. Wouter Peeters, Jo Dirix and Sigrid Sterckx

Sustainability of What? Recognising the Diverse Values That Sustainable Agriculture Works to Sustain. Zachary Piso, Ian Werkheiser, Samantha Noll and Christina Leshko

An Engineering Approach to Sustainable Decision Making. Kelly Bryck

Where is Goal 18? The Need for Biocultural Heritage in the Sustainable Development Goals. Alexandria K. Poole

Editorial: Social Ecological Transformation, Whether You Like It or Not! Clive L. Spash

The Ecovillage Movement: New Ways to Experience Nature. Alice Brombin

The Paradox of Sustainable Degrowth and a Convivial Alternative. Oscar Krüger

Ecological Historicity, Novelty and Functionality in the Anthropocene.Eric Desjardins, Justin Donhauser, Gillian Barker

Bio-Informed Emerging Technologies and Their Relation to the Sustainability Aims of Biomimicry. Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

What Counts as Success? Wider Implications of Achieving Planning Permission in a Low-Impact Ecovillage. Fiona Shirani, Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Nick Pidgeon, Erin Roberts

Virtual Consumption, Sustainability and Human Well-Being. Kenneth R. Pike, C. Tyler DesRoches