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Environmental Values Volume 30, 2021

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Vol.30, No.1, February 2021

Editorial: Consequential Choices in a Challenging Time. Marion Hourdequin

Transforming Fair Decision-Making About Sea-Level Rise in Cities: The Values and Beliefs of Residents in Botany Bay, Australia. Anne Maree Kreller

Institutional Context, Political-Value Orientation and Public Attitudes Towards Climate Policies: A Qualitative Follow-Up Study of an Experiment. Marianne Aasen

Solving for Pattern: An Ecological Approach to Reshape the Human Building Instinct. Geetanjali Date, Deborah Dutta, Sanjay Chandrasekharan

Biocentric Individualism and Biodiversity Conservation: An Argument from Parsimony. Patrik Baard

Hard Environmental Choices: Comparability, Justification and the Argument from Moral Identity. Espen Dyrnes Stabell

Vol.30, No.2, April 2021

Editorial: How Long Will Business as Usual Be Sustained? Norman Dandy

The Norwegian Petroleum Fund: Savings for Future Generations? Marianne Takle

Towards a Philosophy of a Bio-Based Economy: A Levinassian Perspective on the Relations Between Economic and Ecological Systems. Roel Veraart, Vincent Blok

A Green Intervention in Media Production Culture Studies: Environmental Values, Political Economy and Mobile Production. Hunter Vaughan

Religion in the Age of the Anthropocene. Arianne Françoise Conty

Hermeneutics at the Time of the Anthropocene: The Case of Hans-Georg Gadamer. Patryk Szaj

Vol.30, No.3, June 2021

Editorial: Conceptualising Nature: From Dasgupta to Degrowth Clive L. Spash

The Logic of Modernity and Ecological Crisis. Simon Lumsden

On (Un)naturalness. Jan Deckers

The Social Specificity of Societal Nature Relations in a Flexible Capitalist Society. Dennis Eversberg

Towards Degrowth? Making Peace with Mortality to Reconnect with (One’s) Nature: An Ecopsychological Proposition for a Paradigm Shift. Sarah Koller

The Nature of Degrowth: Theorising the Core of Nature for the Degrowth Movement. Pasi Heikkurinen

Vol.30, No.4, August 2021

Editorial: Interpreting the SignsSimon Hailwood

Grounding Ecological Democracy: Semiotics and the Communicative Networks of Nature. Javier Romero, John S. Dryzek

Systemic Unsustainability as a Threat to Democracy. Andrea Felicetti

Explaining Public Participation in Environmental Governance in China. Neil Munro

Media Use, Race and the Environment: The Converging of Environmental Attitudes Based on Self-Reported News Use. Troy Elias, Jay Hmielowski

Valuing Nature for Wellbeing: Narratives of Socio-ecological Change in Dynamic Intertidal Landscapes. Erin Roberts, Merryn Thomas, Nick Pidgeon, Karen Henwood

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