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Environmental Values Volume 29, 2020

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Vol.29, No.1, February 2020

Editorial: The Ethics of Human Intervention on Behalf of 'Others'. Claudia Carter

Is Nonanthropocentrism Anti-Democratic? Mark Alan Michael

To Assist or Not to Assist? Assessing the Potential Moral Costs of Humanitarian Intervention in Nature. Kyle Johannsen

The Wild in Fire: Human Aid to Wildlife in the Disasters of the Anthropocene. Andrew McCumber, Zachary King

Urban Greening and Human-Wildlife Relations in Philadelphia: From Animal Control to Multispecies Coexistence?. Christian Hunold

Uncomplicating the Idea of Wilderness. Joshua S. Duclos

Vol.29, No.2, April 2020

Editorial: The Revolution will not be Corporatised! Clive L. Spash

How Far is Degrowth a Really Revolutionary Counter Movement to Neoliberalism? Dorothea Elena Schoppek

A Responsibility to Revolt? Climate Ethics in the Real World. Dan Boscov-Ellen

A Moral Analysis of Carbon Majors' Role in Climate Change. Marco Grasso, Katia Vladimirova

Incumbency, Trust and the Monsanto Effect: Stakeholder Discourses on Greenhouse Gas Removal. Emily Cox, Elspeth Spence, Nick Pidgeon

Towards a Process Epistemology for the Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems. Maria Mancilla Garcia, Tilman Hertz, Maja Schlüter

Vol.29, No.3, June 2020

Editorial: Behaviour, Lockdown and the Natural World. Norman Dandy

Global Convergence and National Disparities in the Structure of Environmental Attitudes and Their Linkage to Pro-Environmental Behaviours. Hui-Ju Kuo, Yang-chih Fu

Mapping Moral Pluralism in Behavioural Spillovers: A Cross-Disciplinary Account of the Multiple Ways in Which We Engage in Moral Valuing. Michael Vincent, Ann-Kathrin Koessler

Pathways from Environmental Ethics to Pro-Environmental Behaviours? Insights from Psychology. Chelsea Batavia, Jeremy T. Bruskotter, Michael Paul Nelson

What Counts as Success? Wider Implications of Achieving Planning Permission in a Low-Impact Ecovillage. Fiona Shirani, Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Nick Pidgeon, Erin Roberts

Virtual Consumption, Sustainability and Human Well-Being. Kenneth R. Pike, C. Tyler DesRoches

Vol.29, No.4, August 2020

Editorial: Days of Decision. Clive L. Spash

Everyday Life Ecologies: Crisis, Transitions and the Aesth-Etics of Desire. Alice Dal Gobbo

The Spiralling Economy: Connecting Marxian Theory with Ecological Economics. Crelis Rammelt

The Values of Sacred Swamps: Belief-Based Nature Conservation in a Secular World. Narasimha Hegde, Rafael Ziegler, Hans Joosten

A Fresh Look at 'Relational' Values in Nature: Distinctions Derived from the Debate on Meaningfulness in Life. Stijn Neuteleers

Gratitude and Alterity in Environmental Virtue Ethics. Nathan Wood

Vol.29, No.5, October 2020

Editorial: The Appearance, Disappearance and Reappearance of Nature. Tom Greaves

Aesthetic and Historical Values - Their Difference and Why It Matters. Levi Tenen

Art History, Natural History and the Aesthetic Interpretation of Nature. David T. Schwartz

Aesthetics and Affordances in a Favourite Place: On the Interactional Use of Environments for Restoration. Anu M. Besson

The Good, the Wild, and the Native: An Ethical Evaluation of Ecological Restoration, Native Landscaping, and the 'Wild Ones' of Wisconsin. Laura M. Hartman, Kathleen M. Wooley

Aesthetics at the Intersection of the Species Problem and De-Extinction Technology. Michael Aaron Lindquist

Vol.29, No.6, December 2020

Editorial: Science and Justice in an Age of Populism and Denial. Simon Hailwood

Green Populism? Action and Mortality in the Anthropocene. William Davies

'Valuing Life Itself': On Radical Environmental Activists' Post-Anthropocentric Worldviews. Heather Alberro

'Cornwallism' and Arguments against Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions. Karin Edvardsson Björnberg, Helena Röcklinsberg, Per Sandin

Beyond Ecofascism? Far-Right Ecologism (FRE) as a Framework for Future Inquiries. Balša Lubarda

Climate Change and the Free Marketplace of Ideas? Matthew Hodgetts, Kevin McGravey

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