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Environmental Values Volume 28, 2019

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Vol.28, No.1, February 2019
Perspectives on Ecological Democracy

Editorial: Reconciling Ecological and Democratic Values: Recent Perspectives on Ecological Democracy. David Schlosberg, Karin Bäckstrand and Jonathan Pickering

Decolonising Dignity for Inclusive Democracy.Christine J. Winter

Ecological Democracy, Just Transitions and a Political Ecology of Design. Damian F. White

A Cultural Account of Ecological Democracy. Marit Hammond

Towards a New Ecological Democracy: A Critical Evaluation of the Deliberation Paradigm Within Green Political Theory. Matthew Lepori

Participation(s) in Transnational Environmental Governance: Green Values Versus Instrumental Use. Ayşem Mert

Vol.28, No.2, April 2019

Editorial: Focusing on Relational Matters to Overcome Duality. Claudia Carter

The 'Park' as Racial Practice: Constructing Whiteness on Safari in Tanzania.Cassie M. Hays

Unravelling Reasons for the Non-Establishment of Protected Areas: Justification Regimes and Principles of Worth in a Swiss National Park Project. Annina Helena Michel, Norman Backhaus

The Ecovillage Movement: New Ways to Experience Nature. Alice Brombin

Avoiding the Invasive Trap: Policies for Aquatic Non-Indigenous Plant Management. Paul Radomski, Donna Perleberg

The Paradox of Sustainable Degrowth and a Convivial Alternative. Oscar Krüger

Vol.28, No.3, June 2019

Editorial: Social Ecological Transformation, Whether You Like It or Not! Clive L. Spash

Ecological Historicity, Novelty and Functionality in the Anthropocene.Eric Desjardins, Justin Donhauser, Gillian Barker

Environments Past: Nostalgia in Environmental Policy and Governance. Jordan P. Howell, Jennifer Kitson, David Clowney

How to Deal with Hybrids in the Anthropocene? Towards a Philosophy of Technology and Environmental Philosophy 2.0. Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj, Vincent Blok

Democracy and Agonism in the Anthropocene: The Challenges of Knowledge, Time and Boundary. Amanda Machin

Should Naturalists Believe in the Anthropocene? Morgan C. Tait

Vol.28, No.4, August 2019

Editorial: Questions of Knowledge and Non-Knowledge Marion Hourdequin

Should Environmental Ethicists Fear Moral Anti-Realism? Anne Schwenkenbecher, Michael Rubin

Nonideal Ethics and Arguments against Eating Animals. Bob Fischer

Movement, Wildness and Animal Aesthetics. Tom Greaves

When the Grass Sings: Poetic Reason and Animal Writing. Isabel Balza

The Reification of Non-Human Nature. Teea Kortetmäki

Vol.28, No.5, October 2019
The Philosophy of Biomimicry: Ecological Innovation, Sustainability and Ethics

Editorial: Can Imitating Nature Save the Planet? Henry Dicks and Vincent Blok

What is Mimicked by Biomimicry? Synthetic Cells as Exemplifications of the Threefold Biomimicry Paradox. Hub Zwart

Bio-Informed Emerging Technologies and Their Relation to the Sustainability Aims of Biomimicry. Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

Biomimicry and the Problem of Praxis. Freya Mathews

Being Like Gaia: Biomimicry and Ecological Ethics. Henry Dicks

Vol.28, No.6, December 2019

Editorial: Knowing Your Audience: Exploring the Latent Attitudes and Values of Environmental Stakeholders. Ewan J. Woodley

Disturbed Earth: Conceptions of the Deep Underground in Shale Extraction Deliberations in the US and UK. Tristan Partridge, Merryn Thomas, Nick Pidgeon, Barbara Harthorn

How Knowledge of the Golden Jackal (Canis aureus) is Formed: Report from the Danube Delta. Mihnea Tănăsescu, Ștefan Constantinescu

Labour's Hidden Soul: Religion at the Intersection of Labour and the Environment. David Uzzell, Nora Räthzel

Atheism in the American Animal Rights Movement: An Invisible Majority. Corey Lee Wrenn

Materialism, Awareness of Environmental Consequences and Environmental Philanthropic Behaviour Among Potential Donors. Piia Lundberg, Annukka Vainio, Ann Ojala, Anni Arponen

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