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Environmental Values Volume 25, 2016

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Vol.25, No.1, February 2016

Editorial: The Ethics of Engineering the Climate. Christian Baatz, Clare Heyward and Harald Stelzer

The New Prometheans: Technological Optimism in Climate Change Mitigation Modelling.Michael Keary

Can We Have It Both Ways? On Potential Trade-Offs Between Mitigation and Solar Radiation Management. Christian Baatz

Aerosol Geoengineering Deployment and Fairness. Toby Svoboda

How Much Risk Ought We to Take? Exploring the Possibilities of Risk-Sensitive Consequentialism in the Context of Climate Engineering. Harald Stelzer and Fabian Schuppert

Climate Engineering and the Cessation Requirement: The Ethics of a Life-Cycle . Christopher J. Preston

Vol.25, No.2, April 2016

Editorial: Negotiating the Value of Values. Piers H.G. Stephens

The Trouble with Environmental ValuesSimon P. James

In Search of Arcadia: Agrarian Values and the Homesteading Tradition in the Ozarks, USA. Brian C. Campbell

Ethical Motivations and the Phenomenon of Disappointment in Two Types of Environmental Movements: Neo-Environmentalism and the Dark Mountain Project. Hana Librová and Vojtěch Pelikán

Sustainability of What? Recognising the Diverse Values That Sustainable Agriculture Works to Sustain. Zachary Piso, Ian Werkheiser, Samantha Noll and Christina Leshko

The Building of a Dam: Value Conflicts in Public Decision-Making. Ana Costa, José Castro Caldas, Ricardo Coelho, Maria de Fátima Ferreiro and Vasco Gonçalves

Vol.25, No.3, June 2016

Editorial: Social Ecological Transformation and the Individual. Clive L. Spash

The Fundamental Role of Large-Scale Trust Building in Natural Resource Management. Karni Marcus

Governing Household Waste Management: An Empirical Analysis and Critique. Scott Cameron Lougheed, Myra J. Hird and Kerry R. Rowe

Invested in Unsustainability? On the Psychosocial Patterning of Engagement in Practices. Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Fiona Shirani, Catherine Butler, Karen Parkhill and Nick Pidgeon

Addressing the Practical and Ethical Issues of Nudging in Environmental Policy. Janne I. Hukkinen

The Implications of Psychological Limitations for the Ethics of Climate Change. T.J. Kasperbauer

Vol.25, No.4, August 2016

Editorial: Letting Nature Take its Course. Simon P. James

Future Directions for Conservation. Jozef Keulartz

Contact! Contact! Nature Preservation as the Preservation of Meaning. Glenn Deliège

Animals, Relations, and the Laissez-Faire Intuition. Trevor Hedberg

Human and Non-Human Migration: Understanding Species Introduction and Translocation through Migration Ethics. David Switzer and Nicole Frances Angeli

Moral Relevance of Range and Naturalness in Assisted Migration. Helena Siipi and Marko Ahteensuu

Vol.25, No.5, October 2016

Editorial: Questioning Socio-Ecological Transformations. Alex Loftus

How to Get Out of the Multiple Crisis? Contours of a Critical Theory of Social-Ecological Transformation. Ulrich Brand

Deep Ecology, the Holistic Critique of Enlightenment Dualism, and the Irony of History. Andy Scerri

Eco-Sufficiency and Distributive Sufficientarianism - Friends or Foes? Philipp Kanschik

Coping with the Horizontal Hitch: The 'Con-Formism' of the Degrowth Alternative. Onofrio Romano

Liberalism and Economic Growth: A Theoretical Exploration. Peter Ferguson

Vol.25, No.6, December 2016

Editorial: Faults of Our Rationality? Claudia Carter

An Engineering Approach to Sustainable Decision Making. Kelly Bryck

Regime Learning in Global Environmental Governance. Bernd Hackmann

Geographers Versus Managers: Expert Influence on the Construction of Values Underlying Flood Insurance in the United States. Emmy Bergsma

Environmental Injustice, Political Agency and the Challenge of Creating Healthier Communities. Megs S. Gendreau

Equity and ITQs: About Fair Distribution in Quota Management Systems in Fisheries. Ralf Doering, Leyre Goti, Lorena Fricke, Katharina Jantzen

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