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Environmental Values Volume 24, 2015

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Vol.24, No.1, February 2015

Editorial: The Dying Planet Index: Life, Death and Man’s Domination of Nature. Clive L. Spash

Paradigm Dressed as Epoch: The Ideology of the Anthropocene.Jeremy Baskin

Naturalness or Biodiversity: Negotiating the Dilemma of Intervention in Swedish Protected Area Management. Anders Steinwall

Pushing the Radical Nature Development Policy Concept in the Netherlands: An Agency Perspective. Simon Verduijn, Huub Ploegmakers, Sander Meijerink and Pieter Leroy

Contesting Death: Conservation, Heritage and Pig Killing in Far North Queensland, Australia. Carla Meurk

Nature Advocacy and the Indigenous Symbol. Mihnea Tanasescu

Vol.24, No.2, April 2015

Editorial: Depending on Something Bigger. Simon Hailwood

The Virtues of Acknowledged Ecological Dependence: Sustainability, Autonomy and Human Flourishing.Mike Hannis

Should Biodiversity be Useful? Scope and Limits of Ecosystem Services as an Argument for Biodiversity Conservation. Glenn Deliège and Stijn Neuteleers

Virtues for the Anthropocene. Marcello di Paola

The Land Aesthetic, Holmes Rolston's Insight. Maria José Varandas

Community Resilience and Social Memory. Geoff A. Wilson

Vol.24, No.3, June 2015

Editorial: Democratic and Practical Engagements with Environmental Values. Alex Loftus

Landscape Democracy, Three Sets of Values, and the Connoisseur Method.Finn Arler and Helena Mellqvist

Reframing Problems of Incommensurability in Environmental Conflicts Through Pragmatic Sociology: From Value Pluralism to the Plurality of Modes of Engagement with the Environment. Laura Centemeri

Should Ecological Citizenship Advocates Praise the Green State?. Carme Melo-Escrihuela

Rejecting Eco-Authoritarianism, Again. Dan Coby Shahar

The Capabilities Approach and Environmental Sustainability: The Case for Functioning Constraints. Wouter Peeters, Jo Dirix and Sigrid Sterckx

Governance and Images: Representations of Certified Southern Producers in High-Quality Design Markets. Anja Nygren

Vol.24, No.4, August 2015

Editorial: Tackling Climate Change, Breaking the Frame of Modernity. Clive L. Spash

Representing Global Public Concern: A Critical Analysis of the Danish Participatory Experiment on Climate Change. Gwendolyn Blue

Meeting the Targets or Re-Imagining Society? An Empirical Study into the Ethical Landscape of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Scotland. Leslie Mabon and Simon Shackley

Bio-, Agro- or even Social Fuels: Discourse Dynamics on Biofuels in Germany. Kirsten Selbmann

Policy Decisions on Shale Gas Development ('Fracking'): The Insufficiency of Science and Necessity of Moral Thought. Darrick Trent Evensen

Carbon Leakage and the Argument from No Difference. Matthew Rendall

Vol.24, No.5, October 2015

Editorial: Denial and Despair? Claudia Carter

Guilt and Elation in the Workplace: Emotion and the Governance of the Environment at Work. Rebecca Whittle

One Thousand Good Things in Nature: Aspects of Nearby Nature Associated with Improved Connection to Nature. Miles Richardson, Jenny Hallam and Ryan Lumber

'It Helped Me Sort of Face the End of the World': The Role of Emotions for Third Sector Climate Change Engagement Initiatives. Milena Büchs, Emma Hinton and Graham Smith

Segmentation of Green Product Buyers Based on Their Personal Values and Consumption Values. Seda Yıldırım and Burcu Candan

A Conceptual Framework to Enable the Changes Required for a One-Planet Future. Maria Honig, Samantha Petersen, Tom Herbstein, Saul Roux, Deon Nel and Clifford Shearing

Vol.24, No.6, December 2015

Editorial: Climate of Arrogance, Disengagement and Injustice Simon Hailwood

Is it Arrogant to Deny Climate Change or is it Arrogant to Say it is Arrogant? Understanding Arrogance and Cultivating Humility in Climate Change Discourse and Education. Matt Ferkany

Stability and Change in British Public Discourses about Climate Change between 1997 and 2010. Stuart Capstick, Nicholas Pidgeon and Karen Henwood

Political Ambiguity in Chinese Climate Change Discourses. Alex Y. Lo

Impure Procedural Justice in Climate Governance Systems. Marco Grasso and Simona Sacchi

Managing Climate Change: Shifting Roles for NGOs in the Climate Negotiations. Chandra Lal Pandey

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