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Environmental Values Volume 22, 2013

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Vol.22, No.1, February 2013

Editorial: Changes Needed. Clive L. Spash

Comment on Martin Drenthen's Article, 'Ecological Restoration and Place Attachment: Emplacing Non-Places?'.Nicole Note

Landscapes Devoid of Meaning? A Reply to Note. Martin Drenthen

Bruno Latour and the Ontological Dissolution of Nature in the Social Sciences: A Critical Review. Jacques Pollini

Lose Less Instead of Win More: The Failure of Decoupling and Perspectives for Competition in a Degrowth Economy. Volker Mauerhofer

Sovereign Citizens and Constrained Consumers: Why Sustainability Requires Limits on Choice. Susanne Menzel and Tom L. Green

Environmentally Sustainable National Income: Indispensable Information for Attaining Environmental Sustainability. Roefie Hueting

Delivering Environmental Education in Kazakhstan Through Civic Action: Second-Wave Values and Governmental Responses. Dennis Soltys and Dilara Orynbassarova

Vol.22, No.2, April 2013
Special Issue: Degrowth

Editorial: Degrowth or Regrowth? Mark Whitehead

Décroissance: A Project for a Radical Transformation of Society.Barbara Muraca

The Social Dynamics of Degrowth. Wiebren J. Boonstra and Sofie Joosse

What is Degrowth? From an Activist Slogan to a Social Movement. Federico Demaria, Francois Schneider, Filka Sekulova and Joan Martinez-Alier

Degrowth, Democracy and Autonomy. Viviana Asara, Emanuele Profumi and Giorgos Kallis

Political Theory in a Closed World: Reflections on William Ophuls, Liberalism and Abundance. Andrew Dobson

De-Growth Is Not a Liberal Agenda: Relocalisation and the Limits to Low Energy Cosmopolitanism. Stephen Quilley

Voluntary Simplicity and the Social Reconstruction of Law: Degrowth from the Grassroots Up. Samuel Alexander

Vol.22, No.3, June 2013

Editorial: Commons Made Tragic. Katie McShane

Deliberating Intergenerational Environmental Equity: A Pragmatic, Future Studies Approach. Matthew Cotton

The Impasses of Ecological Representation. Kerry H. Whiteside

Modern Water Ethics: Implications for Shared Governance. Jeremy J. Schmidt and Dan Shrubsole

Does Nature Have Value in the Pāli Canon? Colette Sciberras

Celebrating the Mundane: Nature and the Built Environment. Lenore Newman and Ann Dale

Vol.22, No.4, August 2013

Editorial: Some Reasons for Optimism. Simon Hailwood

Anthropocentrism and Egoism. John Nolt

Deliberation on GMOs: A Study of How a Citizens' Jury Affects the Citizens' Attitudes. Marianne Aasen and Arild Vatn

Wildlife Gardening and Connectedness to Nature: Engaging the Unengaged. Amy Shaw, Kelly Miller and Geoff Wescott

Environmental Stewardship, Moral Psychology and Gardens. Marcello di Paola

Deep Ecology, Hybrid Geographies, and Environmental Management's Relational Premise. Kate I. Booth

Vol.22, No.5, October 2013

Editorial: Equity, Ethics and Evidence in Environmental Governance. Claudia Carter

Governing Climate Technologies: Is there Room for Democracy? Hayley Stevenson

Radically Non-Ideal Climate Politics and the Obligation to at Least Vote Green. Aaron Maltais

Finding - and Failing to Find - Meaning in Nature. Simon P. James

At the Centre of What? A Critical Note on the Centrism-Terminology in Environmental Ethics. Lars Samuelsson

The Role of Values in a Community-Based Conservation Initiative in Northern Ghana. Lance W. Robinson and Kwame Ampadu Sasu

Vol.22, No.6, December 2013

Editorial: Education for Sustainable Development. Isis Brook

Is Naturalism Bleak? A Reply to Holland and Cottingham. Ian James Kidd

The Virtue of Environmental Creativity. Jason Matteson

Climate Change and Political Philosophy: Who Owes What to Whom?. Joerg Chet Tremmel

Sharing the Earth: Sustainability and the Currency of Inter-Generational Environmental Justice. Allen Habib

Hard Facts and Software: The Co-production of Indicators in a Land-use Planning Model. Laureen Elgert

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