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Environmental Values

Participation and Environmental Governance: Consensus, Ambivalence and Debate

Harriet Bulkeley and Arthur P.J. Mol

Environmental Values 12(2003): 143-154. doi: 10.3197/096327103129341261

During the past four decades the governance of environmental problems - the definition of issues and their political and practical resolution - has evolved to include a wider range of stakeholders in more extensive open discussions. In the introduction to this issue of Environmental Values on 'Environment, Policy and Participation', we outline some features of these recent developments in participatory environmental governance, indicate some key questions that arise, and give an overview of the collection of papers in this special issue.

KEYWORDS: Environmental politics, governance, deliberative forums, participation, stakeholders, consensus,p> REFERENCES to other articles in Environmental Values:

What Silence Knows - Planning, Public Participation and Environmental Values Anna Davies

Beyond The Struggle For Proof: Factors Changing The Environmental Movement Chris Rose

CITATIONS in other Environmental Values articles

What Lies Beneath the Surface? A Case Study of Citizens' Moral Reasoning with Regard to Biodiversity. Maria Ojala and Rolf Lidskog

Addressing Needs in the Search for Sustainable Development: A Proposal for Needs-Based Scenario Building. Catherine Jolibert, Jouni Paavola and Felix Rauschmeyer

Regime Learning in Global Environmental Governance. Bernd Hackmann

A Cultural Account of Ecological Democracy. Marit Hammond

Participation(s) in Transnational Environmental Governance: Green Values Versus Instrumental Use. Ayşem Mert

Democracy and Agonism in the Anthropocene: The Challenges of Knowledge, Time and Boundary. Amanda Machin

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