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Vol.23 No.1, February 2017

Imagined Forestry: The History of the Scientific Management of Ghana's High Forest Zone. Christian Pilegaard Hansen and Jens Friis Lund

Engineering Edens on This 'Rivered Earth'? A Review Article on Water Management and Hydro-Resilience in the British Empire, 1860-1940s. James Beattie and Ruth Morgan

Charting the Flow: Water Science and State Hydrography in the Po Watershed, 1872-1917. Giacomo Parrinello

The Sink as a Source: Safeguarding the Raw Water Source of Gothenburg, Sweden, 1860-1980. Klas Rönnbäck

A Sudden Fancy for Tree-Planting? Forest Conservation and the Demise of New Zealand's Provinces. André Brett


Raf De Bont, Stations in the Field: A History of Place-Based Animal Research, 1870–1930 (Joan Steigerwald)
Ruth Morgan, Running Out? Water in Western Australia (Rebecca Jones)
Suzanne Kelly, Greening Death – Reclaiming Burial Practices and Restoring Our Tie to the Earth (Robert Feagan)


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Vol.23 No.2, May 2017

Aeolian Empires: The Influence of Winds and Currents on European Maritime Expansion in the Days of Sail. Greg Bankoff

Weather and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1719. Patrick J. Klinger

A Historical View on Coastal Erosion: The Case of Furadouro (Portugal). Joana Gaspar de Freitas and João Alveirinho Dias

Two Canals, Two Barrages and the Remnants of a River: Nature and Technology Along the Eider, Schleswig-Holstein's Longest River. Eike-Christian Heine

Bio-Invasions and Bio-Fixes: Mysis Shrimp Introductions in the Twentieth Century. Leif Fredrickson


Rémi Luglia, Des savants pour protéger la nature. La Société d'Acclimatation (1854–1960) (Ivan Hoste)
Vicky Albritton and Fredrik A. Jonsson, Green Victorians: The Simple Life in John Ruskin's Lake District (Graham A. Macdonald)
Muchaparara Musemwa, Water History and Politics in Zimbabwe: Bulawayo's Struggles with the Environment 1894–2008 (Brian Raftopoulos)
Russell Gold, The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World (Jennifer Marie Vance)



Vol.23 No.3, August 2017
A Global Comparison of Pre-Modern Institutions for Water Management

Special Issue edited by Petra J.E.M. van Dam, Piet van Cruyningen and Milja van Tielhof

Conquest and Incorporation: Merging French-Style Central Government Practices with Local Water Management in Seventeenth-Century Maritime Flanders. Raphaël Morera

Sharing the Cost of Dike Maintenance in the South-Western Netherlands: Comparing 'Calamitous Polders' in Three 'States', 1715-1795. Piet van Cruyningen

Cooperation and Private Enterprise in Water Management in Iraq: Continuity and Change between the Sasanian and Early Islamic Periods (Sixth to Tenth Centuries). Michele Campopiano

The Micro-Politics of Water Management in Early Modern England: Regulation and Representation in Commissions of Sewers. John Emrys Morgan

Regional Planning in a Decentralised State: How Administrative Practices contributed to Consensus-Building in Sixteenth-Century Holland. Milja van Tielhof

'Public Interest' as a Basis for Early Modern State-Society Interactions: Water Control Projects in Qing China, 1750-1850. Wenkai He


Carl A. Zimring, Clean and White: A History of Environmental Racism in the United States (Chris Pearson)
Ian Jared Miller, The Nature of the Beasts: Empire and Exhibition at the Tokyo Imperial Zoo (Thomas Webb)
Cameron Muir, The Broken Promise of Agricultural Progress: An Environmental History (Agnes Kneitz)



Vol.23 No.4, November 2017

Rivers of God, Rivers of Empire: Climate Extremes, Environmental Transformation and Agroecology in Colonial Mexico. Bradley Skopyk

A Weed by Any Other Name: Problems with Defining Weeds in Tropical Queensland. Janice Wegner

Caged for Protection: Exploring the Paradoxes of Protecting New Zealand's Dactylanthus taylorii. Herdis Hølleland

Conservation Conferences and Expert Networks in the Short Twentieth Century. Raf de Bont, Simone Schleper, Hans Schouwenburg

Reorienting World Environmental History: Pedagogy and Scholarship on Cold Places. Pey-Yi Chu, Andrew Stuhl


Stefan Dorondel, Disrupted Landscapes: State, Peasants and the Politics of Land in Postsocialist Romania (Arnošt Štanzel)
Fernando Vidal and Nélia Dias, eds., Endangerment, Biodiversity, and Culture (Kevin C. Brown)
Eva Keller, Beyond the Lens of Conservation (Jacques Pollini)


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